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  1. It does seem a little strange. Having said that I remember applying for a Cathedral Director of the Music post some years ago. In truth I really didn't expect to be interviewed. I held major Diplomas but not in organ playing and a first and research degrees. I got to the last three and the interviews were, to say the least, rather strange and, at one point, slightly acrimonious!!!. At the end of the two days they told us that they couldn't make up their minds and needed the weekend to think about it! On the Monday they rang me up and offered me the post which, having had a weekend to think about it, I sent them back to think again and refused their offer. At one point during the two day interview I was told how many applications they had received. It was a huge number. And the quality of the applications and musical standing of some of the potential candidates was, apparently, quite bizarre with all kinds of people making an application who were, simply, not up to the job - in either qualifications or experience! Maybe the 1000 word letter is to weed out the chaff before it gets too far down the line! As an aside, at that interview I was the only one of the three who didn't consider myself to be an organist (in those days I could play to ARCO standard!) - even though I did play the Cathedral organ as part of the interview! It was commented on by one of the interviewing panel and, had I accepted the Monday morning offer, I think I would have been the first Director of Music in a cathedral who was not, principally, an organist.
  2. The Dean of Windsor, David Conner, holds the K.C.V.O. The late Dean of Westminster, John Hall, also holds a K.C.V.O.
  3. Thank you for that - that titbit hadn't reached the depths of the South Charente!
  4. I hope this isn't too oblique but, with a possible change 'at the top' in the offing, (a certain person has just passed his 75th birthday) and the possibility of the new appointment being an ex RNCM scholar it might be more interesting than may first appear!!!
  5. James O'Donnell is a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory (K.C.S.G.) a Knighthood conferred by the Pope. Not a UK Knighthood but a Knighthood all the same! I have no feeling for the UK honours system despite the fact that both of my parents held the C.B.E. My mother's was a Military C.B.E. given for services during WWII. She was a brave woman. My father always maintained that he wasn't sure why they gave him his!!!! It came in the 'Wilson honours list' and he always maintained that, perhaps, it was because he voted Labour!!! I'm absolutely sure that politics does play a part in there somewhere!!!
  6. I think I just typed the date and wiki - yep! January 13th - wiki - and this came up January 13 - Wikipedia Limit it to musicians - sorry - no idea!!!!
  7. The only thing I can think of, and you will excuse me mentioning the dreaded word, is Wikipedia!! Today, for instance, is the birthday of Wolf-Ferrari (1876), Morton Feldman (1926), Kentaro Haneder (1949). The Italian composer Carissimi died in 1674. It is also the feast day of Aelred of Rievaulx (d.1167). Tomorrow you might think about Johnny Cash or even Wyatt Earp!!! Sunday brings the birthday of John Stanley (b.1712), Gossec (1734) and the birth of the German Theologian Neander (1789) (wrong Neander!!!) Also the death of Philip Jones, the Trumpeter (d. 2000. A Stanley Trumpet Tune might go down well!!!
  8. And, belatedly, from me too! I spent Christmas and the New Year in the UK, made three attempts to get home! I was thwarted by covid restrictions prior to Christmas and, a week later, my almost new car breaking down at 02h00 in the morning on the M40. Today I, finally, at last, arrived back home! I wasn't able to 'log-on' in the UK so no greeting from me until now! Let us hope that 2021 brings with it more joy than 2020 - which, as far as I can see, was a miserable year. Good wishes to all.
  9. Some strong words! And, perhaps, there might be an element of truth in what you say. Only AN can pronounce on the statement that he hates the instrument. As far as being a college and they can "unfortunately do what they want" that isn't true. The Chapel will be listed by EH, as a Class I listed building. I suspect that the organ is also as part of that listing. Permission will need to be grated by EH as well as, in all probability, by the Diocese of Ely - there will be all kinds of hoops to jump through before this can happen!!!
  10. At 4:41 - on the video I watched a red arrow appeared to show the mouse!! poor thing must have thought its end had come!!!
  11. Thank you Martin for Andrew Lucas' account of the use of the royal Trumpets. I never said that they Royal Trumpets were banned! I said that Her Majesty was 'a little taken aback' and that a request was made that they weren't used when she was underneath them - which is, in effect, what Andrew wrote.
  12. I am reliably told that the first time 'herself' heard the Royal Trumpets she was somewhat taken aback by the noise they made and the 'old Duke' was a little more forthright about them!!! I'm also told that a request came, from 'Buck house' that they be not used when the two, aforesaid mentioned persons are directly underneath them!!! Only gossip of course but it's a good story with, I understand, an element of truth!
  13. Yes - I'm not quite sure what the video was designed to tell me - apart from the French tend to have, in their cathedrals, two organs, le grande orgue at the west End and the orgue de choeur in the choir. Despite this seemingly preponderance of organs, the French don't have strong choral tradition. I'll be willing to bet that, prior to the Widor you post from the cathedral in Nancy the noises that preceded it at Holy Mass were a little grim. I've been in a very well-known Paris church on a Sunday morning attempting to sing Credo III, accompanied, antiphonally, by the two organs (and two organists of vastly different standards!!!) and it has been impossible to sing, the Grande Orgue swamping the congregation together with the over resonant acoustic and with little co-ordination between the two players! But I hear what you say!
  14. Perhaps you would like to tell us more!!!
  15. Sorry - it still shows as: "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location." Perhaps it's my computer!!!
  16. I knew Raymond Sunderland well. He was my close friend and I was, I know like yourself, devastated that Christmas morning in 1977. I'd love to read the enclosure - but unfortunately it won't show on my computer!!!
  17. One of my ex-colleagues had been a student of Thiman at the RAM. At Vespers we used to, occasionally, sing, as an Introit, one from the book of 24 Introits published by Novello. They were, mostly, sight-readable, quite short, beautifully crafted and well worth singing
  18. Martin. I think there are two of them. I seem to remember I have copies of both somewhere here! Oecumuse - of blessed memory!!
  19. There are two Carillons in Birmingham to my knowledge. One is the famous Bournville Carillion, the other is in the RC church of the Holy Rosary in Saltley. I was once invited to play them both - but, somehow, never got around to it!!
  20. I performed his Mass in Memory of Benjamin Britten in St. Chad's cathedral in Birmingham around about 1983. It wasn't easy, a good piece and I remember the choir, who had never attempted anything like that before, enjoyed it! And it worked in the resonance of the old St. Chad's cathedral. I also, at different times, used some of his descants and fanfares - all very well crafted! Requiem Aeternum
  21. He is also selling an ARCO and ARCM hood
  22. Thank you Rowland, I appreciate that! I was sure that it was Raymond Sunderland had told me that FJ had some input into the new FRCO hood but was slightly wary of mentioning it because, on here, people are so quick to refute what one writes!! Of course, I've never worn one and am amazed at the cost. As I said my Ph.D hood cost me, I think £75 and, of the innumerable hoods that I have earned I don't think I ever paid more than £50 for one. I can't remember the last time I wore a hood - perhaps Evensong at Kings in the last century!!!
  23. Most unlikely as you say Martin - because VW died in 1958 and didn't the new hood come in about early 1970!! It could have been Howells, I suppose - he died in 1983!! The old hood was turquoise and brown, my Grandmother had one!!! Someone told me that the new hood was inspired (or even designed) by Francis Jackson - no doubt I'll be corrected on that!!!
  24. £155 now - and 19 bids!! I can't believe there are 19 FRCO's out there needing a hood and being prepared to pay that kind of money!! How much is a new one? I only paid £95 for my Ph.D. hood!
  25. I watched this last night. I have a 'soft spot' for the Durufle Requiem, and I can think of a not very 'pc' word to describe the Kyries - orgasmic!! (I hope this word doesn't cause offence!) Trinity college chapel is not large by any stretch of the imagination but, given social distancing etc. I thought this to be an splendid performance, recorded live nearly a fortnight ago on September 30th. I thought both the Metzler and the organist coped very well, there are easier organs in Cambridge to play this music on. And, on a very personal note, September 30th was the ninth anniversary of the death of my dear wife. This performance fitted the bill entirely.
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