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  1. Yes I made this, and it was inspiring. Frankly, I wish/dream/hope/pray (not in that order, mind) to be able to climb the stairs up to that or any console, let alone play a big recital, at well over 90 years of age. I thoroughly enjoyed the music, and to be fair, despite the couple of mis-fired pistons in the final piece (Carillon de Westminster, Vierne), it was the usual inspirational and touching performance from FJ. Year on year, this is a special recital, not least as he must have known the organ since 1929 when he became a chorister at York. Great also to hear the JSW fascinating fact
  2. Francis Jackson is doing a recital in York Minster this Saturday. He has known this organ from the 1930s, and possibly before! His programme can be found at this interesting link, which I found yesterday: http://organrecitalobserver.blogspot.com/ Regards
  3. Peter, I would like to go to this, but then I saw what was on at Evensong at York and had a fuel/time/musical debate with myself! D'Arcy and his mother are both wonderful characters. His programme looks excellent - enjoy! Best Wishes.
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