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  1. Personally, I think PL's style is extraordinary - he has the ability to conjure that elusive extra-musical atmosphere within the context of the Mass, as did PC. The organ of Notre-Dame is one that has, and will continue to grow and change according to taste and technology of the day (as opposed to St Sulpice and Rouen, say, which are both fabulous monuments to their creator). Had Vierne had funds, the ND orgue would have, possibly, changed more radically than under PC's custodianship, and since - including the addition of an "English" Diapason, with much else, and a multitude of couplers with a new English/American console! I rather like the new console which pays homage to CC with its hints of terracing. I also think the Titulaires are better judges of what is appropriate than ringside commentators!
  2. I notice that Willis Organs are having their open day on Saturday 27th September. Some interesting pictures on their site of the recent Carshalton Job too ... http://www.willis-organs.com/
  3. I count myself as fortunate in being permitted to do this - one of our more tasteful features in liturgical music, potentially, anyway! I believe the practice is now not permitted in the RC church - so, sadly, the Cochereau-type Elevations are a thing of the past.
  4. The Lincoln Willis console is up in the triforium. Not the greatest pic, I'm afraid:
  5. All Hallows' Gospel Oak (1915) has both Octave and Violoncello on the pedal; extensions to Open Wood and Violone, respectively. Nothing above 8' here. It was my understanding that Arthur Hill was the son of Thomas and therefore grandson of William. He took over directorship of the firm in 1893 and continued, following the merger (where the staff of the two firms worked quite separately for some years), until his death in 1923 when the firm was bought by John Christie.
  6. Good to see rubrics such as "The Organist will play ... ".
  7. More to the point, such classical French (manual) reeds were originally designed to sit with the Grand Jeu - with bourdons, prestant, cornets etc. - not mixtures. The manual 'chorus work' was used separately as the Plein Jeu (with ped 8 & 4 reeds for the CF).
  8. Sorry, I hadn't realised you'd got there first. I heard it years ago from an unrelated source ... so it must be true!
  9. I remember hearing of the same organist using the cimbelstern in his interpretation of the fair ground.
  10. I agree with much that has been said above, especially Malcolm's contribution. You could also try playing along with your favourite interpreter(s). Having previously tried this, in preparation for the same exam, the sound one hears rarely tallies with the actual "feel". What is really important IMHO is projecting the sense of the musical argument to the listener, however much stylistic interpretation is added. Ornaments should do what is said on the tin - embellish the argument rather than draw undue attention to themselves. Hope this helps. M
  11. Church of All Hallows, Gospel Oak Savernake Road, London NW3 2JP Winter Organ Festival Thursday, 17 January, 7.00 pm. Colin Walsh Seasonal Music Epiphanie Litaize Noel & Rosace (Esquisses Byzantines) Mulet In Dulci Jubilo BWV 608, Das alte Jahr vergangen ist BWV 614 and In dir ist Freude BWV 616 JS Bach Choral No 1 in E Franck Pastorale, Intermezzo & Exultemus Whitlock Adeste Fidelis (written for Colin Walsh) Langlais Dieu parmi nous Messiaen Programmes £10; Concessions £5.00 Refreshments served In aid of the Organ Restoration Appeal Details at: allhallowsorgan.org.uk/recitals.php
  12. Slightly OT but lovely impro on a theme of Harold Darke from M Lefebvre this evening!
  13. Surely it too had something to do with his amazing ability as an interpreter and improviser!
  14. Church of All Hallows, Gospel Oak Savernake Road, London NW3 2JP Winter Organ Festival Thursday, 13 December, 7.00 pm. Huw Williams Celebratory Music for Advent and Christmas Prelude and Fugue in C Major BWV 547 J.S. Bach Variations on Nun komm der Heiden Heiland Heiller March on ‘Lift up your heads’ Guilmant Andante Sostenuto from Symphonie Gothique Op. 70 Widor Three short pieces on ‘Quem pastores laudavere’ Paulmichl, Willan, Walcha Toccata on ‘God rest ye merry, gentlemen’ Rutter La Nativité Langlais At Christmastide Stanford Cradle Song Hollins Prelude and Fugue in B major Op. 7 No. 1 Dupré Programmes £10; Concessions £5.00 Refreshments served In aid of the Organ Restoration Appeal More at: allhallowsorgan.org.uk/recitals.php
  15. All Hallows', Gospel Oak Savernake Rd, London NW3 June 2nd, 5.10pm Recital for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee followed by Service of Thanksgiving Two fanfares - Bliss Rhapsody No. 1 in D-flat - Howells Fantasia & Toccata in D-minor - Stanford Adagio in E - Bridge Military March No. 4 in G-major - Elgar/Sinclair Martin Kemp (All Hallows') Admission Free
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