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  1. As is yours ! But I am not typing with an angry voice, I can assure you
  2. Yes, I can now understand your point and I guess a few cages are rattling as I type! Let's hope they stay caged. But I would say 'certainly' rather than 'probably'.
  3. My posting did not mention Musing Muso and I did not say his observations regarding that particular YouTube performance were bitchy. I am very pleased to learn that Musing Muso is in fact an "expert" and no doubt, if what you say is true, he will also make some positive comments when he hears Nathan Laube live. (In fact I have read much of what MM has to say and a great deal is very informative and helpful). I do prefer to hear professional performances live; poor quality free recordings on YouTube are fine if you like doing things on the cheap.
  4. Organ Recitals are often dull, uncomfortable and full of 'experts' who take great pleasure in criticising every detail - regardless of who the recitalist may be. I too attended the Nathan Laube Recital at Christchurch Priory and yes, the usual bitchy critics were in attendance: BUT not one of them had a bad word to say! Furthermore, I counted a number of highly regarded Organists who had indeed travelled a great distance (not over broken glass) to hear this young man give his English debut performance. I can only guess that they had watched the Youtube clips and decided they wanted to
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