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  1. If that is the interpretation you take from my post, I will need to be even more careful with my words should I submit posts in the future. In a complicated situation like this where it is easy to overstate a case, I am afraid I erred on the overly cautious side. The organ would never be a Stade or a Caen or any other pilgrimage instrument you care to name, but even as it was, it was better than many pipe organs in the area, and far better than the electronics I have heard. I cannot speak for the mood of the congregation, as I only spent several hours at the church and do not care to
  2. As one of the builders who inspected the instrument and submitted a quote, I disagree with much of the above statement. Below please find examples from my quote letter. Regarding the flattery: "The repairs necessary to bring the organ into top playing order are, for the most part, details that obscure a reasonably well-built organ. The organ looks handsome and is in a visual style suited to the church. While the Great Trumpet may be considered bold enough to warrant limited use for wedding processionals and hymn melodies, in general the organ is voiced with a full but not aggressiv
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