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  1. I can second this - excellent book.
  2. Huge amounts of water being sprayed into the towers which doesn't bode well ☹️
  3. Live on France24.... https://www.france24.com/en/live
  4. My first ever RSCM diocesan choirs festival was conducted by him - 1966, St Albans!
  5. Endorsing what others have said, when I was in my teens in the 60's, I approached my local largish parish church who had a very nice 3 manual to ask if I could practice there. The response from the organist was that it was reserved for 'his pupils only'. Visiting the church for a service 40 years later and enquiring if I might try it afterwards, I received the same response from the same organist! To be fair, three other local churches (2 Anglican and one Free Church - all with small organs) were more than happy to let me play. I think I paid 2/6d an hour! SG
  6. I really don't think that's true. As has been discussed above, there is much, much more to the choice than just 'caring about music'.
  7. I've been organist of a small parish church for 30 years and it is currently debatable whether me or the organ will fall apart first. 15 years ago, our then organ tuner said to me 'This is the last pipe organ you'll have here' and I suspect he's right. There's no doubt that 99% of our congregation would be unable to tell the difference. Particularly as ours is already a hybrid 13 (excellent) digital stops added in 2002 to the original 16 pipe stops. I think it is right that much will come down to finance. It's much easier to find the capital cost of an electronic than of a pipe organ - even if it comes up more often. We all know that a pipe organ will last much longer but, given the way our congregation is shrinking, whose to say that the church will even be there in 30 years time? It will be different in churches with a higher level of musical tradition, or historic organs, (or more money!) but for the small parish church I think it will become ever more difficult to justify a pipe organ.
  8. 'Pipe organ building firms' (without the quotes) does bring up a lot of pointers to suppliers including via Wikpedia and IBOB. I don't think this is peculiar to organ builders. I suspect suppliers of very high value bespoke items are less likely to sell over the internet. Yes, they need a presence but their sales are probably less related to general web advertising.
  9. "Messy Church" has been going on for years in our church but it's not a 'service'. It's more of a couple of hours of activities for kids that takes place in church once a month. Doesn't involve any music. Seems very popular. Steve
  10. I agree totally with Colin. I too have had about 30 years of playing at my local church and have had my fair share of c--k-ups - although probably no more than those caused by clergy, servers, sidesmen and all the rest. We're not a cathedral, we're a group of amateurs in a small parish church. We always do our best but, as you say, mistakes happen. Most congregations are understanding and accepting. Steve
  11. ... or for something completely different, Paul Ayres Toccata on 'All you need is love' http://paulayres.co.uk/catalogue/243.html Steve
  12. Seems to be OK now - can't see any odd links here Steve
  13. No - but I was very happy to contribute to the upkeep of the organ and if you couldn't (or didn't) pay, no one was going to complain. With the (few) regular users at my church (who do not play for services - or come to church) we make no charge but ask for any donation as and when they see fit. Seems reasonable to me! Steve
  14. When I was a lad, the organist at my my local parish church wouldn't let anyone touch the organ unless they were having lessons with him... Other churches nearby, although not as conveneint, were much more helpful. Most made some nominal charge which was fair enough - 3/6d an hour if I remember rightly (this was a long time ago!). I think it was 5/- at St Johns in Stanmore but that was worth it for Rothwell's wonderful little tab stops between each manual! Steve
  15. I don't think this is peculiar to city churches. In the 20 years I've been at a middling sized Gloucestershire village church the Sunday evening service has dwindles to almost nothing. The powers that be have tried all sorts of services - choral, said, Taizé, Iona, etc - but it's just the faithful (very) few that come. Different times made no difference. Over the same period, the Sunday morning service has dropped a little from around 65 to 55 but nowhere near as much. Even churchgoers just don't seem interested in Sunday afternoon/evening any more.
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