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  1. I played from August through till the November lockdown then from after that until this one started. Most of the time we managed a socially distanced choir of 6 to 8! Although in theory we can still continue legally, we've all decided the risk is not sensible at the moment - given our ages! Steve
  2. They know. I've said over there that I'd really like to shut the forum down now that we know this one is safe. That is currently still my intention but there is some resistance! Steve
  3. ... and I'm 70 so not far behind you!
  4. I don't want sole responsibility! If the forum takes off then I'd want at least 2 or 3 other people to be administrators/moderators. As long as one or two are technically competent then the future should be secure. If anything happens to me, or I get fed up, anyone who knows what they are doing could move the entire forum off my server to another host somewhere else in a few hours. Sure, the web address might change but all the content, users, etc would be unaffected. You are also right that we need some forum rules and a privacy policy and I'm happy to sort that IF the forum takes off. What I don't want to do is to spend hours sorting all this out now before we really know if we need the new forum or not. Steve
  5. I'll check, but I believe when we talk about 'active' members we're talking about members logged in, not members posting. However, there is a relevant point comes out of this - I suspect many of us (like me) get the forum notifications by email and that means you get to see the text of the posting without actually logging in to the forum. So there may indeed be many(?) more 'lurkers' than 'active members'. You are correct that I don't post much - I listen and learn!
  6. Easy to add such a forum if you want. Consider it done! Steve
  7. ... but see my comment above - very, very few are actually active on here.
  8. So am I - but as it could disappear without much notice it would be good to have a contingency plan in place! Steve
  9. While we are talking about funding possibilities to keep this board going, I think we need to bear in mind what Stephen told me during a telephone conversation... Although there are many registered users, there are only around 30 currently active users. That might make finding ongoing funding more difficult/expensive! Steve
  10. If anyone wants to play with a possible replacement forum, go and register at https://www.houndscroft.co.uk/organ-forum/ I need to approve registrations but i'll do it promptly. Steve
  11. I doubt they know we exist! Anyone with any good contacts could always ask....
  12. Stephen can probably tell us how many members there are. However, if it's like every other forum I've been involved with, a large proportion will be inactive! I'm sure crowdfunding could raise money but it needs to be ongoing ($540 pa) which is never on of crowdfunding's strong points. We need a supportive, rich organist. (... although I'm not sure you can use the words 'rich' and 'organist' in the same sentence!) Steve
  13. Looks interesting but (according to their rules) another one that doesn't like anyone discussing much about electronic organs!
  14. This forum uses Invision forums on a commercially hosted basis. It's unusual in being one of the very few non-free forum systems! If we could find who runs it, we could probably take it over but it's not cheap. Looking at their price list, I'd guess we're talking $45 - $70 per month. There may well be enough members to fund it, but who is going to take on all the hassle of running a membership/accounting system? On the plus side, we'd keep all the content. An alternative system could cost almost nothing BUT we'd loose past content. The welcome page says to email admin@newvalleywebdesign.com but that domain no longer exists! However, there is a 'Staff' page and the "Webmaster" link does show that he/she has visited the site over the last week or so and I shall message them and make enquiries. (Also a 'Staff' member is Geoff McMahon but he does not appear to have been online here for over a year.) I have created the bare bones of a forum which anyone can play with if they want to but I'll report back here on any response I get from the webmaster. [Edit] I've also discovered there are commercial services that will convert IPB (Invision) boards to other formats like phpBB (which doesn't cost). Steve
  15. If you want to keep it the same, i could host one under one of my various sites. The overhead is so small there would be no cost involved. I could create the same topic structure if that's what's wanted or could adapt it to whatever the majority want. Thoughts? Steve
  16. Most of the small digital recorders - especially Edirol and Zoom - have pretty decent microphones and while it's true that a quality external mic can be better, it won't be cheap. (You can certainly forget the ones in the attached video which are all cheap 'n nasty and also years out of date!) I have a Zoom 2 and a Zoom 4 both of which produce entirely acceptable(*) organ recordings - assuming your talking streaming/podcasts and not professional CD quality recordings. You'd probably want mid range mics in the £200 - £400 range to get significantly better than built in ones. Don't forget that positioning is vital - try lots of places and see what sounds best. S (*) - acceptable to me - and I'm an electronic engineer not a musician!!
  17. Having been organist of the same small parish church for 30 years, it has been very odd! I still video a few hymns each week (on home Hauptwerk) which go online with the service sheet but it still seems strange not to have choir practice, services, etc. ... but after 3 months I find I'm not missing it that much. I worry about the future though. Like many other smaller churches, our choir has dropped from 35 about 30 years ago to 20 fifteen years ago and now to about 10 - and the number of youngsters has gone from over 15 to none. Most All of those remaining are over 60 (and most over 70) and you must wonder how many will come back - especially as it looks like there will be no singing for a while. Sadly, i think this could be the end for some of the many small groups in small churches. Steve
  18. Paul - I get this too - definitely a sharpening for me. Steve
  19. Ben - be interesting to hear a bit more about how you are doing it. I'm sure some of us have tried it and some haven't but advice from someone who's made it work would be great! Steve
  20. Both my church and I are happy for the organ to be used more or less any time. However it's easy for us as it is a semi-rural church which is open all the time and rarely anyone else there. There's only been about 4 'learners' used it in the 30 years I've been there though.
  21. We have a 'stable' of about 6 or 8 settings we use and we change once or twice a year. The congregation have frequently commented they don't want the same one all the time and I find the wider the range I offer them, the wider their tastes become! Personally, I find Appleford a bit dated but there are many, many service settings around in all sorts of styles and many are very good. I'm no composer but I still managed a setting based on a couple of hymn tunes which they seem to like. I've been very lucky with clergy in my 30 years at this church. We've got through about 8 but all have been supportive, interested and happy to leave the music to me!
  22. ... and it's also going to depend on the age of the voicer. We all suffer from age-related hearing degradation even if we don't need a hearing aid so the same pipe is likely to sound different to a 40 year old or a 60 year old organ builder. Steve
  23. Thank YOU, Colin, for starting this thread. It's made me realise that there might be something that can be done! Steve
  24. Be interested to know what make/model you are using! Steve
  25. Interesting, because I got my first (NHS) hearing aid about 3 months ago. (I'm 69) The tests showed the usual age-related drop off in high frequency abilities. As others have said, there is no doubt it improves my ability to hear what people are saying. However I find it a significant detriment to hearing music. When I'm playing or listening to music, everything seems to have a 'sharp edge' to it. Almost like a high pitched 'edge of distortion' on top of everything. They said they would contact me to see how I was getting on and when they do, I'll certainly discus this. No one mentioned 'music' settings but to be fair, I never thought about it so never mentioned music! No idea if it's true but the audiologist said that expensive, private aids undoubtedly had many more bells and whistles but that their acoustic properties were not significantly different. Steve
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