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  1. Recital to be given by yours truly at Radford Road Church, Leamington Spa on Saturday 10th Sept, 7.30pm. Admission £5, available on the door. Proceeds to the Organ Fund, programme as follows:- Praeludium in Cma- JC Kellner Arioso- Bach Trumpet Tune- Stanley Grand Choeur Dialogue- Gigout Andantino- Franck Cantilene- Rheinberger Adagio from Symphonie 3- Vierne Melody- Dawes Andantino- Lemare Tuba Tune- CS Lang Pacques Fleuries- Mailly Benediction Nuptiale- Saint-Saens Toccata- Widor CP
  2. The new H&H at St.Edmundsbury has two superb reeds on the Solo- the Trumpet would be a Tuba on most organs, and the Tuba? GOSH!! CP
  3. Yours truly will be giving a recital at Radford Road Church (formerly Trinity Methodist) Leamington Spa, on September 10th. A bit further on, Dame Gillian Weir is to perform the annual Brereton Memorial Recital at Rochdale Town Hall on November 5th, commencing at 12.00. We welcome all to what promises to be a splendid event. CP
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