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  1. News of an appointment at Llandaff Cathedral The Cathedral Chapter are delighted to announce the appointment of Aaron Shilson as the new Assistant Director of Music. Aaron joins us from Ely Cathedral where he is currently Assistant Organist for the Girls' Choir. He has previously held posts at the Cathedrals in St Davids, Manchester and Leeds. Click the link to read more about the appointment https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F3w8BbFR%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3v3AdkLFZxP_jBzhhb5vZxeXN4t2wOnQcC57WNOOxIKTMJLWPtqX8nD_w&h=AT0PMV6U5n7LtsFLa2NYU1p5T4cJrWb-MQKVypjceo9POYkj6k2lkzbZGg_b5gjfzqyvuPOnadMVNuOIS7HmNMTPfTN5BgLPtrrUb641byHmssdkjXKlJUIyMUk9m8RYCgUNLeqSF_z59fbWyOAS9Eg&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT2MpXOa85K4k0b6CLdVS9LkNG2gNkmLDxSizqQQY9mWTSYoZCOt36KwWZmNEOj3RZV08F3L7ysI_p9m9c2iGqHrPDuxj3FMEHrAPxuKFsgrY-mOWCQD_A2C2RPQkNZYqyr4XO1x0VYMiNLt-QzuQHbWlRxXSVg37TKw6gfRGB_qlnWfuPJwG1YuQVLTRG7A6KmcIFUvXTG5oZNxDnE12xDE0a2myEc_L4C7
  2. From the Cathedral facebook page Many congratulations to Oliver Waterer, whose appointment as the next Director of Music at Selby Abbey was announced this morning. Oli will be leaving us over the summer - and while we shall miss him very much, we are glad to see that the Abbey houses a very fine organ indeed, which now awaits him!
  3. Simon Johnson from St Paul's to Westminster Cathedral http://www.westminstercathedralchoir.com/news-and-events-detail.php?Westminster-Cathedral-appoints-new-Master-of-Music-136&fbclid=IwAR0zBsqawD7aPLG3AF4yVf9W5tACkUIP9LytV3cIqXilqwxdQumzmqwV5GE
  4. News from Ripon of the appointment of Ronny Krippner as Organist and Master of the Choristers.
  5. This one has slipped under the radar - Luke Fitzgerald sent to Coventry Here's the link to the Coventry Website
  6. Dr. Ed Jones currently Sub Assistant Organist at Worcester Cathedral appointed Organist and Master of the Choristers at Wakefield Cathedral. https://www.wakefieldcathedral.org.uk/news/2021/04/wakefield-cathedral-appoints-new-director-of-music
  7. After thirty-three years of service to Lincoln Cathedral, the Organist Laureate, Colin Walsh, will be leaving his current role to pursue other musical interests. https://www.facebook.com/Lincoln.Cathedral/posts/4286406971390438 For those not on social media https://lincolncathedral.com/dr-colin-walsh-to-become-organist-emeritus-of-lincoln-cathedral/?fbclid=IwAR1nyoRvtfP7OkFdxEpiQqOPa4RCHK2THFIxPhBTpn2hdJh-jN4hFVLRmmc
  8. Ripon advertising for an Interim Director of Music. https://www.riponcathedral.org.uk/interim-director-of-music/
  9. It is possible to export a webpage to a PDF in most browsers, I use Safari and that's all you need to do is click FILE then scroll down to Export as PDF. I find this the best way of saving Service lists that are not published as PDF files.
  10. Announcement of the appointment of Alexander Hamilton as Deputy Director of Music at Wells Cathedral. https://www.wellscathedral.org.uk/appointment-new-assistant-director-music/
  11. News of the appointment of Rachel Mahon as the next Director of Music at Coventry Cathedral. She will take up her appointment in September when the current Director of Music Kerry Beaumont steps down from his position.
  12. The advert for the Assistant Organist at New College, Oxford
  13. Stephen Farr succeeds Timothy Byram-Wgifield at All Saints Margaret Street. https://www.allsaintsmargaretstreet.org.uk/downloads/newspaper/2020/AllSaintsFeb20.pdf Announced in this month's Parish Paper in the first paragraph. The appointment will commence after Easter.
  14. The advertisement from Keble College outlining the process to find Matthew Martin's successor.
  15. "The NCO arrangement mirrors their back row, only half of whom are choral scholars with the others being employed clerks, an arrangement which reduces turnover and provides greater experience." This term it looks as if Robert Quinney is on sabbatical from New College this term and they have recruited the services of Dr James Lancelot. There is no mention of the Assistant in the Chapel Booklet but an acting assistant (who was last year's Senior Organ Scholar) and the Current Organ Scholar. Not wishing to undermine the abilities of Dr. Lancelot and Mr. Maxtone-Smith who will do an admirable job but this seems to contradict their vision.
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