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  1. David Cynan Jones

    King's, Cambridge - Back Row

    Some current and past members of this choir list themselves as Lay Clerks on their social media accounts. The plot thickens .......
  2. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    This in the Church Times Jobs this morning https://jobs.churchtimes.co.uk/jobs/Director-of-Music--in-London-and-Home-Counties-jn6955
  3. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    An announcement from Worcester Sam Hudson currently Organist and Master of the Choristers at Blackburn Cathedral appointed O&MC at Worcester succeeding Peter Nardone who left his position in September to pursue a freelance career.
  4. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    Edmund Aldhouse, currently Assistant Organist at Ely, was announced as the new Director of Music during the morning service yesterday at Ely. He succeeds Paul Trepte who announced his intention to retire at Easter earlier this year. Here's the confirmation via the website.
  5. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    Looking at the Worcester Cathedral Service list for September it seems that James Lancelot is named as Interim Director of Music following Dr Peter Nardone's unexpected departure mentioned earlier in this thread. I, for one, am pleased that the Foundation will have someone of his calibre to lead them through what must be a difficult time until the process of electing a successor to Dr. Nardone is completed. Our thought and prayers must go out to all who sing and serve at Worcester.
  6. David Cynan Jones

    Donald Hunt

    Here's an article from the Worcester News
  7. David Cynan Jones

    Donald Hunt

    It's been widely reported on Social media that former Organist and Master of the Choristers at Worcester Cathedral died earlier today. Tonight's performance of Brahms Ein Deutches Requiem at the Three Choirs Festival at Hereford is dedicated to his memory.
  8. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    Another with a St Paul's connection New Assistant Director of Music
  9. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

  10. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    This appeared this morning on Twitter. http://www.rhinegoldjobs.co.uk/job/8605/director-of-chapel-music?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_content=content-listing-link&utm_campaign=listing-approved
  11. David Cynan Jones

    Llandaff Cathedral

    I also think that a great deal of credit should be given to Rev. Gerwyn Capon the Dean for some inspirational leadership in re-establishing the Choral Foundation.
  12. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    This from the Peterborough Cathedral Website and Facebook page this morning. http://www.peterborough-cathedral.org.uk/newsarticle.aspx/41/dom
  13. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    Not quite sure what the circumstances are behind Tom Coxhead moving on but an opportunity to work with a vibrant choral foundation in a beautiful setting in Brecon. https://www.breconcathedral.org.uk/news/could-you-be-our-new-assistant-organist/
  14. David Cynan Jones

    Appointments 2

    White Smoke from the RSCM ..... at last https://www.rscm.com/we-are-delighted-to-welcome-hugh-morris-as-our-new-director/?platform=hootsuite
  15. David Cynan Jones

    Hazel Davies

    Members may wish to know that Hazel Davies former organist at Brecon Cathedral and wife of David Gedge has passed away. A celebrated organist in her own right Hazel was a recitalist, pianist, teacher and accompanist. Our thought to to Nicky their son, his wife Kate and the family.