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    Recording and mixing, computer music production.
  1. Dear Cynic (I wish I could know your real name), thank you so much for your advice and tips - they are really useful. I will follow for sure. This Monday I already performed on East London music festival and got a CLESO cup (I'm also a member) and 1st distinction certificate, and very positive comments from the adjudicator. And, yes, I can hold my nerves. I will be also performing on Pursley and Coulsdon music festival in Croydon on 12 March. Thank you one more time again, for sharing your knowledge and experience. Lucia
  2. Hi, thanks for your message. I'm based in East London. I performed on East London and Stratford festival this Monday, a recital class, got a CLESO cup and a certificate with 1st distinction. Would be very happy to perform somewhere else. Lucia
  3. Hi there, organists, I would be very grateful if I could receive some advice or guidance how to get into performances, how to start, where to go, who contact etc. I'm preparing for professional performance diploma, and would like to start performing on public, but I've been living in the UK only for 4.5 years and have no idea where to start. Please, help me. I love organ so much and I want other people to hear its beautiful music, and I love performing (I was doing it a lot in my childhood, performing on the accordion). Lucia
  4. Thanks, Douglas, for your reply. I'm not looking for particular pieces, just for any organ music someone could offer. I've bought some already, but books are very expensive, and I can't afford much (full-time student). I like many styles of organ music, so, it doesn't matter. Thank you. Lucia
  5. Hi, Douglas. Do you still have those music books? I would be interested in organ music, as I'm starting to perform and will need a lot of different pieces. If you could reply and tell the details I would be grateful. Lucia
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