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  1. Of course it's more a historical thing and Mono (Walcha's (and the label's) first stereo was Art of Fugue if I remember correctly), but a recording more present from there (and in various keys) is with Kay Johannsen, you can stream the whole disc here on spotify with a free account, also on youtube, but I didn't find a complete playlist. And this database lists quite a few Cappel recordings. Thanks to Karsten. As the talk did last not less than 2 hours, I think noone could expect a complete work on this. And as there is no written manuscript...
  2. Sorry to dig out this old thread, but it fits well, same instrument. Small label, perhaps not so well known organist (yet). (I'm unsure if it's a good idea for those small labels not to hinder YT presenting the whole thing automatically for presumably little money but that's another thing). I like it, musically and lively atmosphere here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lakFMYvkX-6LV8Xxyy8ebOkxxPnJT5DIk
  3. Cappel was equal temp. since the transfer from hamburg and remained so to the present day! I then remembered its long history and was pleased to find quite a bit on Youtube... also some tour of stops by Walcha: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kEhTdqIw2rBKiuUGiTZtkJKSaK0vQPJhg Martin
  4. Although I'm aware that it'll be not to the biggest benefit for non german speakers: an audio interview with Jürgen Ahrend, who celebrates his 90. birthday today, has been published by NDR, lasting not less than 2 hours. (But possibly there's even a chance a bi lingual speaker makes a translation, who knows ) https://www.ndr.de/ndrkultur/epg/Der-Orgelbauer-Juergen-Ahrend-wird-90,sendung1026518.html
  5. Thanks to all - I also got a very helpful comprehensive mail from a dutch organist, a concert calender is here (for some reason I did not find this one with google before): http://www.hetorgel.nl/nagconcert.htm, remembering me of Orgelpark (they then play Frank Zappa et al, not really my interest though), and among others he suggested Noorderkerk and Oosterkerk and also the famous Haarlem is not so far away. Already way too much for the limited time.. And an organ list is here: http://www.orgelsite.nl/amsterdam12.htm
  6. Hello, next weekend I'll be in Amsterdam (attending IBC) and I would love to take that chance (first time visitor) to get to know/play an interesting organ there. As it's most probably not possible for a "noname" to play one of the famous instruments like Oude Kerk, I gratefully take tips where/whom to ask on a smaller instrument ((pre-)baroque or modern) there.. Perhaps someone has tips here.. Thanks so much!
  7. Time ago I saw an interesting contemporary organ composition in neobaroque style by an english composer for free download - but I couldn't find/google it anymore. As german I'm not into that scene - perhaps someone can help? Or suggest me another one (free download would be nice..)? Thanks so much!
  8. Hello, on the mid of May I'll be in London (participating in an AES-Convention (www.aes.org, an extra organ recital also takes places!). Are there any (smaller) instruments suited for Bach et al which are both worth visiting and possibly gain access for playing in London/surrounding? Thanks, Martin
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