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  1. Thanks for the input, in fact the Solly - Flood trumpet is according to Bob Birbeck the current organist, based on a stop on an organ in Canada. Apparently the first choice was the fanfare trumpet on the Met in Liverpool, but that wasn't possible
  2. Just herd the proposed move of this historic organ to Sheffield Cathedral is not going to happen due to a lack of funds Warrington Borough Council comments - The council now plans to consult with all interested parties to discuss the future of the instrument so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Kate Hannon (Lab, Orford), executive member for leisure, culture and communities, said: ‘Whilst we are disappointed that following a lot of work and negotiation Sheffield are not in a position to take the organ, I think this gives us a real opportunity to reconsider the future of the instrument. ‘We all want to find a solution where the organ is maintained and enjoyed by as many people as possible and to that end I have asked officers to review the current condition of the organ and establish a range of options for the future. This will be done by ensuring that we consult with all interested parties so that elected members can then determine the best way forward.’ The Very Reverend Peter Bradley, Dean of Sheffield Cathedral, commented: ‘It would have been wonderful to bring this truly great organ to Sheffield, but unfortunately in the current economic climate it has simply proved impossible to raise the funds. On behalf of the Cathedral, I would like to place on record our thanks to colleagues in Warrington, who have done all they can to help us make the project the success it deserved to be. On the subject of another Warrington organ, I seem to remember a previous post relating to The Phoenix Digital organ in Warrington Parish church and the solo 'Solly Flood' trumpet stop Major General Sir Arthur Solly Flood was CiC of the South Lancashire Regiment & Warrington PC is one of the Regimental Chapels. Solly Flood presented the regiment with two trumpets. These are now housed in the church. the description from the regimental handbook is as follows The Trumpeters’ Case housing the Solly-Flood Trumpets, to be sounded upon ‘great and solemn occasions in the life of the Regiment, and always when the last honor is paid to its members who have given their lives for their country, or when their service and sacrifice are commemorated in after time’, and the Trumpeters’ Book in which these occasions are recorded These trumpets are still used today, on Regimental Sunday which is usually the around the end of Sept, beginning of Oct
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