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  1. Nicolas Haigh appointed as Associate Organist at St. Thomas, New York. https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/2019/12/12/nicolas-haigh-appointed-associate-organist-of-saint-thomas-church/
  2. Sunday 8th May 4:45PM St. Paul's Cathedral Ben Sheen One of a series of recitals - 'In memoriam John Scott: sometime organist of St Paul's Cathedral, remembered in recitals played by former colleagues.'
  3. Studying the score.......http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3332196/Bored-bishops-Chorister-snapped-checking-sports-news-Queen-opens-Church-England-s-annual-Synod-meeting.html#article-3332196
  4. You might try right clicking on the icon for the program, selecting 'Properties'>'compatibility mode'> and selecting the version of Windows you are sure it runs on.
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