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  1. How much are you looking for the pipe trays etc? Im in Trowbridge
  2. Hi, I am working on a 1 manual organ believed to be Bishop however the name plate is missing and there is no record of who the organ was built by. In the soundboard there are two inscriptions. The first being "T or J Neal, 1888, Leighton Buzzard" and the other inscription reads "H. Winslade 33 Sep". The second one is hard to read. I know T Neal was associated with Bishops but the dates on NPOR indicate he was with Bishops after 1888. There is also an inscription on a panel which I believe mentioned a man with the surname Goddard but I dont have any info here. Can anyone shed any more light on this and who the builder could be? If it makes any difference the organ is made of a lot of reused parts. Back fall beams with holes re-drilled, stop trundles with old arm mortices etc. Many thanks
  3. Hi All, I am an organ builder who has done mostly sub contract work and therefore not needed insurance as I have been covered by the person I work for. I plan on getting more work for myself and need to take out insurances insurances for tuning and maintenance and restoration work. I would probably have one or two people sub contracting to me who I would have to cover. I would also need public liability insurance. Is there any insurance specific to Organ Builders or is there an insurance which you can get through most online companies. What do you do? and could you recommend an insurer? Insurance is a grey area for me so any advice would be appriciated.
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