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  1. I have the LP Allen record by Thalben Ball at Chichester Cathedral, Polydor Select 2460 243. It is a stereo record with a note on the sleeve saying that it can be played on a mono system with a stereo compatible cartridge. I got it from the Allen organ supplier in Kent when Allen first appeared
  2. A Hammond Model E was installed in Canterbury Cathedral in 1938 while the pipe organ was being being refurbished. It was still there at the end of the war, eventually being returned to Boosey & Hawkes in 1954. I believe that the organ was loaned, as it was good publicity.The cost of the console at that time was £550. The D20 speakers made by Boosey & Hawkes cost £72.10s. the type that my father had when he bought a secondhand version after the war for £250 with two speakers.
  3. The 1928 dated A&M index has as follows:- First line Number Name of tune Composer or source of tune At the Lamb's high feast we sing 127 Alla Menschen mussen sterben J. Hintze, 1622-1702 (Salzburg) Incidently my father was given this by the choir at Godmersham 'In affectionate remembrance of many happy hours' when he moved as vicar els
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