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  1. Digital Organ For Practice

    It is reported on Facebook that the former St Peter's Lammermuir has been acquired by All Saints' Sudborough as their new organ. Given the comments above I wonder if this may be a false economy. No word as far as I can see as to who is to do the installation.
  2. Denis Bedard

    I love the "Variations sur Kelvingrove" and have played a selection of movements from it as a closing voluntary on a couple of occasions when we have sung the hymn during the service.
  3. Unusual audience member

    I saw a dog (accompanied by its owner) at an organ recital recently, who sat very patiently through the entire performance. I think it was at St Giles cathedral in Edinburgh, but can't now remember which of the recitals I've been to this year it was.
  4. Youtube

    This is a wonderful performance. There are several extracts on Youtube, but sadly the DVD seems to be unavailable. I have been looking for a copy for a while now.
  5. Internet Radio

    This is an interesting observation. I had no idea until you mentioned it of the technical reasons involved, but find Classic FM unlistenable, even when they play recordings I would otherwise jump to listen to.
  6. Microphone for laptop/audacity?

    I use a Zoom H4n for similar purposes, and it has multitrack capabilities like Tony mentions. This is however rather more than your budget. (I paid £180 for mine - you may be able to get it for less) The Zoom H1 is an excellent piece of kit for its price, but doesn't have multitracking or full size inputs. I did use a borrowed one before I bought my H4n, and from memory it does have a 1/8 inch input, but this is obviously no better than a computer.
  7. Soissons Cathedral organ damaged

    This French news article contains a few pictures of the damage to the organ. The organ sits right behind the Rose window so will have born the brunt of the damage. http://www.lunion.fr/10729/article/2017-01-13/tempete-egon-la-rosace-de-la-cathedrale-de-soissons-s-est-effondree-sur-l-orgue
  8. Youtube

    Happy New Year! I came across this extraordinary video of Olivier Latry improvising on the Fritts organ at Notre Dame University. Impressive stop management, including the use of a foot at one point.
  9. New organ for Cambridge

    The H&H is now in the Younger Hall in St Andrews, where I have played it. It is a truly bizarre specification and one struggles to find a rationale for it. The pedal looks substantial but is weak and incapable of sustaining an independent line, while the only swell reed is a 16' and thus rather useless. This whole is made even more disappointing by the fact that the organ itself is a pleasure to play with a wonderfully responsive action.
  10. Organs in musical ensembles

    A number of contemporary choral works exist in such arrangements, and are used by choral societies for whom hiring a full size orchestra would be prohibitively expensive. My choir recently performed John Rutter's Requiem, with the reduced scoring of flute, oboe, harp, 'cello, timpani, glockenspiel and organ; which was surprisingly effective as an ensemble. I believe the arrangement was Rutter's own.
  11. Henri Nibelle - Organ Music

    According to his French Wikipedia article, the Carillon orléanais and the three Toccatas are separate works. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Nibelle The 50 pièces sur des thèmes liturgiques seems to consist of a collection of entrées, offertoires, élévations, etc. much in the manner of Franck's L'organiste and similar collections. http://biblio.cmadq.gouv.qc.ca/in/faces/details.xhtml?id=p%3A%3Ausmarcdef_0000001987&
  12. Most bizarre specifications?

    There are two cats in the St Peter's organ, according to the second post on this page; the Viola Felix and the Tibia Sylvestris: http://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/588-cats-and-organs/page-3
  13. Most bizarre specifications?

    On a recent trip to Holland I played an organ with a Vagot: http://www.orgelsite.nl/kerken22/beverwijk1.htm It also has, rather oddly, a Roorfluÿt on one manual and a Rhorflúyt on the other.
  14. Most bizarre specifications?

    I was recently reminded of the organ in St-Sepulchre-without-Newgate which has a fairly conventional manual configuration, but a ridiculously large pedal division for an organ of 13 stops: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N17580
  15. "Handel's" Temperament

    I too love this discussion. It is a fascinating topic and one that always seems to repay further discussion (probably since no one can agree, as Colin says). I recently bought a digital harpsichord which has 5 built in temperaments, and I have learnt a lot just from playing around with them, so much so that I now wish I had an instrument which capable of programming new temperaments, rather than just being limited to the presets.