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  1. Introduction and Fugue on Redhead, is a fine piece too. I've played it a couple times over the past year.
  2. And David Hardie as Head of Music at Birmingham Cathedral via the cathedrals Facebook page and Twitter account.
  3. In South Africa, there are many organs with Open 32' flues and 32' reeds. In Cape Town, for example, St George's Cathedral, Groote Kerk and Cape Town City Hall, all posses fine instruments Open 32' flues and 32' reeds. Cape Town City Hall :
  4. David Pipe has been appointed as Director of the Organ School and Organist of Leeds Cathedral from May 2016. David is to head the new Organ School, a partnership between the Diocese of Leeds Music Department and The Royal College of Organists, the national body for accrediting and training organists and choir directors, with an international reputation for excellence. Posted on the RCO Website
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