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  1. I discovered Jennifer Bate had passed away while reading about Jane Parker-Smith passing. Both their recordings at Beauvais Cathedral were early inspirations for me, but Jennifer Bates' Virtuoso French Organ Music was the CD that really got me in to playing the organ. Just really musical playing - technique combined perfectly with musicianship. Never showy but full of emotion. Boellman's Toccata from the Gothic Suite sounds pretty terrible on most recordings I've heard, but on this recording it's so exciting and flows so smoothly. I met her once after a recital at Kingston Parish Church - I was in fear and trembling, but she was very charming although wiht an air of fearsomeness at the same time (this may have been due to me only being about 13 though). Very sad to hear of her passing.
  2. Oh no! Apologies to Olivier Latry. My other half finds it amusing to refer to him with the alternative surname (revenge for having to sit in cold churches listening to organ music) and it's obviously lodged in my head. Really interesting to hear about the dermogloste John Robinson, thank you.
  3. I was lucky enough to play this instrument a couple of times when I was a teenager. Apart from being very heavy to play with all manuals coupled (there is an 'assistance' stop which is meant to help) I think it is a fantastic instrument. I can see how the mixtures seem strident to some, but I actually quite like the clarity and brightness. I also particularly like the bombards on the pedal which sounds unlike any other I've heard. It's powerful but not 'muddy'. The 'dermogloste' stop intrigued me too. I think it is unique to Beauvais. Some kind of free Reed I think. Wish I could remember what it sounded like. Jennifer Bate and Jane Parker-Smith's recordings there are still amongst my favourites. Although Olivier Latrine's Messiaen is perhaps pipping Jennifer to the post at the moment.
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