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  1. Mutation scaling

    Thank you! That's very interesting and explains a lot.
  2. Mutation scaling

    Apologies if this is a very basic question, but what is the idea behind principal-scaled mutations being part of the plenum and wider-scaled mutations not blending with a principal chorus? I occasionally find it fun to experiment adding a nazard and tierce to 8', 4' and 2' principals, like a cornet with an 8' principal instead of a bourdon.
  3. Sheet Music on Tablets

    I know a pianist who has a Bluetooth pedal controller for his iPad (similar to one of these http://www.airturn.com/bluetooth-pedals) that he uses to turn the pages.
  4. Who, where & when?!

    Thanks for the information. I will try and find that book. Being fairly new to the organ (I have only been taking lessons since around October), I am trying to absorb as much as I can. The organ to which I normally have access is the one in the Princeton University Chapel, which was apparently was built after Harrison joined Skinner (and later modified several times, including by Mander).The Solo organ, which I believe has many of the various original Skinner pipes, has many very beautiful stops, but it would definitely be difficult to build any kind of chorus using them alone.
  5. 2M & P piano

    Wow, what an instrument, and I can't believe it only sold for £31. Does anybody know how the two keyboards worked (two sets of actions and hammers or something)? I also wonder if any of these ever made it to the U.S.
  6. Who, where & when?!

    Hahaha as these mystery identifications often result... What did Willis have to say about Skinner's work?