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  1. Hi Roger I'm doing an MA in Music with the OU so I have access to the Musical Times archive. In the September 1925 issue, under the Recitals section, page 829: M. Louis Vierne, St Michael's, Tenbury - Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Bach; Pastorale and Piece Heroique, Franck; Prelude and Fugure in B, Saint-Saens; Legend, Berceuse, Carillon, and Canzona, Vierne; Cantabile, Adagio, and Toccata (Symphony No. 5), Widor. Hope that helps. James.
  2. Filmed in December alongside Carols at Kings, I believe.
  3. That's interesting Colin. Googling I came across this web page that purports to list all the subscribers shown in the back of the first edition (1855): http://www.duresme.org.uk/BIOS/h&r_subs.htm This list does include Willis, Hill ...
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