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  1. Would appreciate any information about this organ. It is not on the NPOR, at least not at this address. It is one manual with RCO pedalboard. The stop list is: Stopped Bass 8', Stopped Flute 8', Principal 4', Dulciana 8', Mixture II rks, Conical Flute 2'. There are two pull-down pistons for the pedals, one, I think, takes the Duliciana down and the other the Stopped Flute. I suspect some of the upper stops could be extensions but I don't know. I am told it was donated to the church in about 2001 by the Knights of Malta, but no one seems to know where it came from. I've contacted Nicholson's with a couple of photographs and received this response: I have showed them to our MD and he recalls that they were made by Nicholson & Co in c1960 (the MD at the time was Stanley Lambert). There were two almost identical organs made and were referred to as the “Gainsborough case” (made to look older). One was made for a church near Evesham, Worcestershire (he can’t recall where the other one went to). However, he believes the church in Evesham has since closed and the organ would have been sold/destroyed. It may be possible that your organ is from that church and has been “transplanted”. I've checked the NPOR for Evesham and can't find any reference to this organ, I'm intending to put it on the NPOR but was hoping that someone might have some more information. It is tuned by Manders. Thanks in anticipation.
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