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  1. By way of contrast to the recent thinking at the Manchester Town Hall, it's very heartening to see that the authorities at the Colston Hall are taking a far more enlightened approach. I don't think this has been mentioned on this board yet (apologies if I've missed it) but the rather wonderful Harrison and Harrison concert organ there has been removed and is being refurbished by its makers in time for the hall's re-opening in 2020. Although I've not seen this on Harrison's own website yet, it's mentioned on the Colston Hall website - https://www.colstonhall.org/about-us/organ/ - where the
  2. Hello all ... My first post on this board which has provided much of interest over the years. Orford is not so far from where I live so it will be interesting to see this organ in its new home. I found some interesting information in a recent Orford newsletter. Amongst other things, the organ is described as being "with our organ builders near Leicester" and is apparently scheduled for installation at Orford next Easter. The article also links to some archive BBC recordings of the organ - Orford's organist is BBC Radio 3 producer Graeme Kay. You can read more here - http://www.orf
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