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  1. Indeed. For that reason I’m not in a hurry to recommend replacing the analogue system here. The snag is that we really could do with a third camera, but I’ve had no luck sourcing a suitable second-hand one.
  2. Yes, I enjoyed this recording when it first came out. It struck me how strong an advocate Porter was for Campbell’s music.
  3. It used to be normal too to increase the tempo as the music got louder, and slacken as it became softer, whereas nowadays it’s considered a fault. You hear this a lot in early recordings. Ironically it may be that recordings led to the change of taste. I don’t suppose that before they existed anyone (except metronome fiends??) noticed the tendency, which is a perfectly natural one.
  4. I’m probably guilty myself of wallowing a bit in this piece, but yes I think that is probably about the right tempo. We organists often have in our mind’s ear an orchestra playing this sort of thing, but forget that the tone of orchestral instruments (especially strings) is more dynamic than that of the organ, so a slow tempo still has a certain life about it. To get an equivalent effect on the organ one needs to play a bit faster, or else the line sags and things start to stagnate. The opposite is true with faster tempi. An orchestra can take music at a tremendous lick that will sou
  5. Sorry to hear it. I had a nasty feeling they’d eventually succumb to this pernicious habit. Alas that they have done so.
  6. Thank you for all these interesting suggestions. Much to explore.
  7. “Arthur is a good boy; he doesn’t say them’s grouses, he says them’s grice.” A.W. Verrall (But they were actually partridges.)
  8. Oh, pish! People don’t use near, ly, e, nough, com, mas, now, a, days. And as for s;e;m;i;c;o;l;o;n;s; ....
  9. I suppose I could sing the plainsong bits ....
  10. The most important thing is *never* to use a post code. I was very pleased to discover that the Republic of Ireland is blessedly free of such abominations. All hail to Erin’s Isle!
  11. Happens even within English - chicken was originally a plural (of chick).
  12. In this particular context, however, it should really have been in the genitive (hem hem).
  13. An agendum is list with only one thing to be done on it. The rarity of the form is testimony to the fact that, alas, so few meetings are so lucky as to be faced with but a single task (tho’ I must admit to engineering such a meeting solely so I could use the term ...).
  14. I prefer the formation “awful” ....
  15. It's Our Lady of Sorrows next Tuesday. I know the Demessieux setting of the Stabat Mater chant. Any other pieces based on this that members recommend? Or other Marian pieces that are of a suitably dolorous character? I shall be playing a small two-manual instrument, but should be interested for future reference to hear of pieces too that require something larger. I suppose that music relating to Candlemass might also be appropriate ("Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also").
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