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  1. A lot depends on how the bookseller has catalogued an item and precisely what search terms one uses. I find the best place to start is here: https://www.bookfinder.com/ Not only does it search a wide range of sites (including, but not confined to, Amazon, ABE and ebay) but - somewhat counterintuitively - it often throws up copies that don't show up if one goes straight to a particular bookselling site and queries it directly. Worth trying it for music too: coverage is much less comprehensive than for books, so it's more hit and miss, but it quite often throws up a bargain or that elusive item one has hunted for in vain.
  2. £20 including postage from a British supplier: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=22393589228
  3. Tho' rails aren't much of an obstacle for cats. We had one (a cat, not an altar rail) that came to church (but only Welsh services). My father (the priest) turning round from the altar to address the congregation (none of that modern ahistorical nonsense of facing the wrong way to celebrate) was bemused to see the parsonage cat parading along the altar rail. Still, she had sufficient reverence not to approach any nearer. She played the piano too. But not the organ.
  4. Of course it was once normal for people to take their dogs to church, hence the need for these when they started fighting: http://www.bmagic.org.uk/objects/1965T4898 And indeed the need for communion rails to prevent profanation of the altar (cf. Archbishop Laud's Injunctions of 1636).
  5. Well, they can accompany themselves on the piano whilst singing:
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