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  1. It seems that I have guided this thread to go 'off topic' My fault ! Back to original topic - Do members have any first-hand experience of this TC Lewis instrument, please? Have you played it? What condition was it in? With Thanks.
  2. Somehow, my original reply to you in response to your kind welcome went astray. So in appreciation, thank you for your kind welcome. Although the Lewis at Teddington was sad by the time I played it in 1963, it was a Lewis, and sounded lovely in the St Alban's acoustic. Speaking of sad instruments has reminded me of Thornton Heath. Also, by 1963, that instrument was suffering from the frequent broken manual key contacts. When that large instrument (in a small church) was donated, I'd wager, money was not an issue. But when that donor died - perhaps leaving part of his estate to the ongoing maintenance of the instrument - church authorities can no longer raise the required large wads of cash to rebuild it. Which is, of course, a familiar scenario.
  3. You have reminded me of Lancing College Chapel; Christ The King Gordon Square; St James Spanish Place to name just a few that I recall. I confess to having a passion for large pretentious church buildings!
  4. Greetings folks, this is my very first post as a new member. Lewis At St. Alban Teddington - Pre Vandal Destruction Do members have any first-hand experience of this sad instrument, please? I played it just once in 1963 but can't recall the experience except to say that I remember there wasn't a case, so building frame, chests and pipework were laid bare. Furthermore, I recall bee's buzzing around the console, because they had made nests in the bricked-up unfinished west wall. The Willis 3 console - if my memory serves me well - occupied a space in the western-end of the south nave aisle. The instrument was located in the eastern end of the north nave aisle. So presumably was moved from its pre-war north chancel position, perhaps post WWW2. Overall though, a sense of being unloved and unfinished of church building and organ was felt. Please share your memories.
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