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  1. Being about to play it on Wednesday lunchtime on a fairly heavy tracker action, I can't help wondering (regardless of Barker levers), whether even Vierne might have succumbed to temptations of the Notre Dame acoustic and not held all the As? Heresy, I know.... Alternatively, there's this unlikely kind of solution (at around 1 minute in) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93JiXloIhn4 and, (off-topic, sorry!), best wishes from Tim to Ron who I assume is he who often covered my absences from Brighthelm Church around 1996-2005.
  2. ..... and it's gladdened the end of a long teaching Friday to see that the job spec. also asks for An ability to play the organ with flare...... (sic); we can all think of instruments that may deserve just that, but surely not Mr Tickell's? This link also springs to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI37T3vA7fM
  3. Although slightly off the original topic, I hope readers may be interested to know that given a following wind, and depending on how quickly a blower electrics problem, diagnosed today, can be fixed, the Stafford St Mary Harrison may even yet be heard at 11am on Saturday October 21 as part of a Lollipops for 2 or 3 concert featuring DoM, Assistant Organist and Rector! It has also been used for the more liturgically Eastward parts of recent years' Advent and Epiphany Carols, and an occasional Choral Evensong. Whilst there is no denying its advanced debilitation, the late Gordon Reynolds would surely have admired the clothes-peg under Swell middle A as a visual reminder - "don"t, whatever you do, play that note..", and the Sw/Gt/Ped choruses remain generally obliging, (slthough competing with very considerable wind noises). The West End HNB had its full clean and fettling a little over a year ago.
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