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  1. Does any Member have the specification of this Ryde TH Walker instrument? And or details of subsequent work carried out on it? Be interesting to know as I lived on the Island for several years, and no doubt be good to have details on npor. If not already on npor of course. The resident OB Andrew Cooper may well be the source of information on this of course. Thankyou.
  2. Opening Voluntary: Fidelis (Whitlock) Introit: O Come Ye Servants of the Lord (C. Tye) Responses: William Smith Psalms: Set for the day (all) Canticles: Jack Hawes in D Anthem: Praise the Lord O My Soul (Geoffrey Bush) Hymn: The Day thou Gavest Lord is Ended Voluntary: Dithyramb (Harwood)
  3. Amazing no comments about this superb instrument installed in this world class beautiful concert hall in Moscow. Where in London have we got such a concert hall with such an instrument to grace it? Why can we not raise awareness of the organ in such a way that they have done in this hall in Moscow. 20,000 people passing through during this marathon record breaking event. And yes our hosts represented by producing the 16.8.4 tuba stops, and Thomas Trotter represented us also. The 20 min Youtube clip well worth a visit. Check out all the other wonderful new halls in China too, all with superb instruments. Over the horizon we must look, as there the organ and good music is still respected.
  4. Ryde, Isle Wight Town Hall. 3 manual Walker in not good shape. Some unfortunate work carried out on it in the 60s. The building, as I understand no longer belongs to the Council, but the organ still in place. I have a picture of the console half covered, surrounded in garbage etc. A trust was set up for its restoration, but understand this is now defunct. Sorry cannot up load picture yet. I am a newbie so learning with this my first post.
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