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  1. Yes, absolutely "well done Miriam." Indeed an inspiration. However from the first millisecond of putting down the first chord just so electronic. Again get what you pay for in that price range class of instrument. Attend full recital on that? no thankyou go home or the pub early. But here we have in so many instances young peoples first experience of the classical "pipe organ." So I guess good on it of course.
  2. Well, for all the "if, but, why, wherefore, will it, wont it.......etc etc" survive, (or not) discussion of weeks/months ago, the Mander Forum still gets very little attention, or additional material since it was "rescued." Maybe even less. I think we are going to have to do a lot better than thus far for it to remain viable and informative to members and non-members alike. With "Lockdown" etc. there is little excuse for not getting far more responses and new material now. Come on lets get to it! Nothing new? Then troll back through the archives as there is a massive amount of good materi
  3. It must be said that Messrs F. H. Browne must be extremely brave people to extend out into territories virtually (but not entirely) unknown to them. This especially not just in a bankrupt country as the the UK, but world in general, with churches in massive decline at present. The UK being their main market at present too. We can only wish them luck, and of course pick up a contract or two through maintaining this forum for us. Lets be honest the forum would have been set up initially with a view to advertising a product as well as giving ourselves a wonderful platform for discussion and
  4. Thanks for the correction and update ajsphead.
  5. From memory I think it may have been Trevor Tipple from Worcester, who took care of the Downside Compton?? Trevor now retired of course but he may well know the extended ranks of pipes there. He was awarded MBE for his services to Organ Building I believe.
  6. As a Bath Abbey chorister I went with a small group to Downside in the 60s I would think. I did play the Compton, but young as I was cannot remember much about it apart from all was working at that time, and it sounded magnificent in the Abbey Church. I believe the great Dom Gregory Murray was still organist at that time. Many of us will remember his many interludes composed for the liturgy. Published by R and D I think. Peter Matthews (also from Bath) took over from G.M. as organist as far as I can reflect, and also taught at the school. He was appointed Organist Emeritus on his ret
  7. Downside School is very large and caters for catholics and non catholics alike. The abuse cases took place and were investigated thoroughly a number of years ago now, and appropriate action taken. The inspectorate cleared and reclassified the school to a high standard again a few years ago. It produces high quality alumini once again, as well as general education standards. It is unlikely the school will be affected and of course not all monks were teachers at the school, just as not all pupils were connected with the monastic situation. As indicated above this is not restricted to the RC
  8. Yes, the church schools get all the publicity of these sordid events and rightly so. However little or nothing is reported about rampant abuse in state schools, where I was abused multiple times in the 50s 60s. in a Bath school. Did anyone want to know about that then? Openly no, but to get it in a little proportion it was the Rector of my church who sorted it out very well in deed with the then Headmaster. Many clergy now doing excellent work still in this sphere. Don't knock them persistently, it reflects hugely on our churches, choirs and yes organists. I lived in SE Asia for 12 years
  9. As we all realise this forum could disappear overnight. Is there one reliable trustworthy location (with email address) where all of us can in that one place place our name with email address. Then if a similar forum is set up we can be notified immediately. Having a thread on here for that purpose would leave all of us open for spamming and goodness knows what else. Just hate to loose this forum and all its history contained therein.
  10. Wonderful offer Steve, thankyou. Many of us would like to keep the same format I guess. However may be good to quickly start a new thread where we can air our views on what changes or additions would be interesting to add. Could be of course that there may be moves or offers behind the scenes by XYZ etc to keep this forum going as is?
  11. Thanks ajsphead and Damian for your welcome replies.With the glimpse thought it may have been The Temple Church. I will have to study Alkan a bit more. Any reasonably easy ones to start of with?
  12. Very nice out of the ordinary post, thankyou. Obviously a Harrison organ somewhere, but I not recognise it or the church interior shots. Presume the studies are available on IMSLP?
  13. What excellent positive organ news (for a change) in troubled times all round. Under similar circumstances in UK would this be happening? Mmm somehow I doubt it.
  14. Hello Headcase. Thanks for the extras on Bath Abbey Tuba etc. You would have been an apprentice during and after the disastrous enlargement of the instrument during Dudley Holroyds tenure (1970s) I would guess. But to give some credit here the beautiful positive case was added at that time. (Alan Rome was architect.) It sounded very good also. Wonderful your explanation of the voicing of the Tuba by Arthur Rundle. Yes I do remember the power of the wood Trombone Tromba on the pedal. Much earlier years Ernest Maynard was asked about extending down for a full length 32ft reed. His
  15. I too am much saddened by this news. Manders not just one of the finest British Organ Builders, but on a world standing also. Australia, and American come to mind immediately. I was much honored to preside for about 10 years at one of their early (1956-58) three manual organs at Walcot Parish Church, Bath in the 1970s. A delight in all aspects. My thoughts go to all members of the Mander Team, as they grapple with this tragic event.
  16. As far as St Margarets Westminster is concerned see Deans report "Church Times" 17 July
  17. The Abbey, along with St Margaret Westminster (the latter no services at all now) in financial difficulties with threats to choral services etc. Why? Both (along with others) are Royal Peculiars. One of the richest families in the world own them as personal private chapels, so why are they not putting their hands in their very deep pockets for their upkeep for the nation. Assume therefore that Thomas Trotter not organist at St Margaret either now?
  18. I am probably biased: SONATA IN C minor for organ (Ernest Maynard) It was unpublished like much of his choral and organ works. (We all know his arrangement of "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" OUP.) A great pity he being composition student of Vaughn-Williams at RCM. Organ student RCM of Henry Ley. I heard him play the Sonata late 50s after a Choral Evensong, but he broadcast it BBC pre his RAF war service I believe. Went out live then too I guess. Pity, if published would have filled a nice repertoire gap for the time.
  19. For 20,000k? Quite a lot and quality if you search around a little bit. LADACH instruments, pipe organs and accessories: www.pipeorgans.eu
  20. Thankyou for this on pipe metal casting. It reminded me of a 6th form school trip in the 1960s, instigated by me of course. Five of us went from Bath to Osmonds workshop in Taunton. A good day was chosen as they were casting on the casting bench on that day. We were received very cordially over all. The intricacies of casting were explained including how spotted metal was arrived at also. Even in those days I had not thought that Osmonds would have a pipe-maker, but obviously so.
  21. I have not heard them all by any means of course, but quite a few around the globe. However my vote would still go the Bath Abbey Tuba Mirabilis 8' (20 inch.) It replaced the original HNB Tuba circa 1914 shortly after WW2. A few quieter characteristic stops were added at the same time. On his return from war service (RAF) Ernest Maynard had these installed. A booster blower was added at the same time for the Tuba. In the wonderful acoustic of the Abbey (including the stunning fan vaulting of course) the new Tuba sure rocketed around the building. HNB placed it so well too with the pipes
  22. "Ourselves" has hit the nail on the head. We must examine ourselves not just as individuals, but as a musician group. With the dreadful dull, slow, soul-less playing of hymn tunes, we play into the hands of other music "groups" providing really just "entertainment." BUT some are good and have their place alongside a resurgence of good rythmical vibrant playing again. Blaming the organ unacceptable because even within some of our prestigious venues playing the basics of a service is a disgrace also. More later. Sorry gone off the topic. "I repent."
  23. re BBC Organs. What a sad nation we are. Radio France gets a new Auditorium Concert Arena in Paris in 2014. Gonzales installs a 4 manual, 5320 pipe instrument with 2 consoles about 2016!! But not just that Paris gets a new Philharmonic Concert Hall (several chambers), complete with large 6055 pipe organ by Reiger. Both locations and organs built about the same time. See Youtube.
  24. Does any Member have the specification of this Ryde TH Walker instrument? And or details of subsequent work carried out on it? Be interesting to know as I lived on the Island for several years, and no doubt be good to have details on npor. If not already on npor of course. The resident OB Andrew Cooper may well be the source of information on this of course. Thankyou.
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