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  1. I am afraid this is so. There seems no chance of saving the company as things have gone too far for that to be possible. The workforce is in total shock, having had very little indication (if any) of the way things were going. In time, I am sure lessons will be learned by others from this experience. As to the discussion board, my hope is that another host will be found, but I suspect that is something for others to sort out. I am pretty sure that most, if not all of my erstwhile colleagues will find employment with other builders, I certainly hope so. I have no idea if the directors have any intention of offering support for previous clients. Let me say here that if there were any who wanted support, virtual or practical, that they were not able to find from the late directors, I would be prepared to step up to the plate as long as I am able, wherever in the world that might be necessary. Enough people know how to get in touch with me and you can communicate that to each other privately. I would prefer not to broadcast that here for obvious reasons. Very sad outcome indeed. My thoughts are with old and recent clients, obviously, but even more so with my old colleagues. To me they are family. We have been through so much together and done so many fun things together that it saddens me that the family will now be split up, at least as far as work is concerned. However, I have a suspicion that they will all stay in touch with each other and with me. I certainly hope so. John
  2. Last weekend we attended the marathon inauguration of the Muhleisen (Eschau) organ for the Zaryadye Hall in Moscow. And it was a marathon. Starting at midnight on Friday/Saturday, 24 organists from around the world played for an hour each, ending with an improvisation by Olivier Latry at midnight on Saturday/Sunday. A few of us, members and friends of the Muhleisen firm mainly, were granted access as and when we wanted to seating in the gallery (my fiancée works for the firm). So we were in and out at odd times and for most of Saturday evening up till the end, taking in Thomas Trotter and Olivier Latry, amongst others. There was some fine playing and the organ is quite remarkable too. They dreamed up a novel idea to raise awareness of the organ. Rather than selling tickets for seating, people bought a ticket for a time slot of around 20 minutes to walk around the stage along a path marked out by sheets and sheets of organ music taped to the stage, whilst the organists were playing. The hall is claiming that no less than 20,000 people passed through during the marathon event. There is even a little bit of Bethnal Green in the organ in the form of a Tuba 16/8/4 unit which got the occasional airing, including a grand outing played by Olivier Latry and Shin-Young Lee. You can see a video of the event here: Moscow ZARYADYE-HALL: Inauguration of concert organ / Орган московского концертного зала ЗАРЯДЬЕ John
  3. This was a repeat of what happened when the Town Hall was built. The Open Wood 32' pipes for that were delivered by canal barge. Those were the pipes which HW4 cut up with a chain saw for some inexplicable reason, leaving parts of the sawn up pipes in the organ. I tried to persuade Ian Bell to do a delivery by barge when we did the rebuild in 1983, but as it was not his idea, he didn't want to do it. I had friends at the time who had an old barge themselves, but more importantly, knew people who had barges which could still be used for transport. I was not aware that Klais actually reproduced the original delivery. John
  4. As I have now retired from Mander Organs, my account has been taken over by Geoff McMahon, the new managing director. I suspect all my previous posts will appear as if sent by Geoff McMahon and I have a new registration. John
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