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  1. Sorry I hadn't registered the 'two weeks' part - that was slightly unrealistic!
  2. If you're up for a challenge (and the organ is as well!), there's at least one arrangement of Hamish McCunn's Overture The Land of the Mountain and the Flood, one of which is listed on John Kitchen's CD from the Usher Hall. Simon Lindley also plays one though I'm not sure if it's the same arranger.
  3. Kings certainly has an organ scholar - Christopher Too. Worth looking at his recent online recital at Bridlington Priory (his home town):
  4. I don't have the scores of these, but I did have occasion to ask Simon Lindley exactly the same question recently. He thought that the piece for Edward B was the only Impromptu by FJ (he described it as being in 5/4 in D major, op 5, does that correspond with the one in your score?) - but perhaps there is another one?
  5. For anyone who missed it - live from Guildford today and definitely worth a listen. The Nunc Dimittis from Howells St Pauls Service was one of the finest things I've heard. A wonderful performance, beautifully recorded.
  6. Thought I'd split this from the 'choir pits' thread as there seem to be two separate discussions going on..... Someone said that in venues with two consoles, the attached one is rarely used. Just speaking from experience at the Bridgewater Hall, the attached console is nearly always used for orchestral concerts, as the mobile one takes up too much stage space when there's a large orchestra. The attached console has a much nicer and well-crafted feel but of course you can't hear the internal balance of the organ at all. On the other hand, the mobile console has a slightly light and pla
  7. Kevin Bowyer has done a good edition of the pedal studies. Some of them, being for pedal piano, went down to bottom A so he's provided transposed versions. These are sometimes in keys which makes them even harder to play! The first of the set of 12 isn't too hard - the rest are pretty challenging.
  8. Replying to Cantoris - for those of us who have despaired for years at the neglect of the Cavaille-Coll in Manchester Town Hall, surely fantastic news that is to be fully and historically restored, and has (I think) already been removed - details at Nicholsons website, who are doing the work in conjunction with Flentrop: http://www.nicholsonorgans.co.uk/pf/mth/
  9. Thank you John for your kind words - much appreciated. Hope you and others can join us from September either live or online.
  10. John Mander's statement about the closure can be read here, for those who haven't already seen it https://slippedisc.com/2020/07/famous-organ-builder-goes-bust/
  11. The concert will be streamed on the Leeds Town Hall website and possibly on YouTube as well, and it will definitely be available after the event as well. As for the 'one composer without a link to Yorkshire' well - that was a mistake in the publicity department and there are two as you spotted! - unless someone here knows of a Yorkshire connection for Whitlock....(or even Strauss)? Rebuild plans are continuing (and an initial contract signed) and yes there is a specification.. we hope to be definite and more public by the time of the opening recital of the season proper, in mid-September
  12. Leeds Town Hall organ returns after lockdown (online only, but we cautiously expect that we can have a socially-distanced audience for the start of the main season in September). It's next Saturday at 1pm - details here, and this is also where you will be able to listen to the concert: https://www.leedstownhall.co.uk/whats-on/all-shows/yorkshire-day-organ-concert/6332 Best wishes to all Darius
  13. I can definitely recommend 'Graham Barber's Organcast' series on YouTube that he's been recording on his house organ during the lockdown. Lots of interesting byways of unknown and better known music, very informative, and beautifully played as well (brave to play this wide choice of rep on a GD&B house organ - but it does work!).
  14. As the music has been through so many keys, I think the 'extra' bar helps to establish the home tonality before the entry of the theme. I've got used to it so it seems odd to imagine it without.
  15. I'm truly sorry to hear that. Dave was a constant and enthusiastic presence at the Leeds Town Hall recitals - he made some fine recordings - and his knowledge not just of organs, but of organ repertoire was astonishing. It's particularly sad as he was so pleased to have been recently appointed at Wentworth Parish Church. At the last 'request programme' we had, I'd finally got round to fulfilling his long-stand request to play Peeters' "Flemish Rhapsody" - but he never got to hear it. I'm sure it's not just at Leeds where his presence at recitals will be greatly missed.
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