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  1. Yes, the new console will be moveable! It will live on the existing lift and be put under the stage when not in use, but it can be used on any part of the stage. That gives me an excuse to mention that we're on the final two organ recitals before removal - Richard Hills next Monday, and I'm giving the very last one on the 25th (followed by refreshments). And for those who are interested, the spec is now fully finalised and updated on the Nicholson & Co website here: http://www.nicholsonorgans.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/LTH-website-spec.pdf
  2. That does sound incredibly frustrating. But giving the benefit of the doubt, for the minute... is it possible that the balance was OK from where the choirmaster was standing and they were both just unaware of the balance down the nave? Not that that is an excuse! It's a shame as no doubt others were put off as well, from what could have been a worthwhile experience.
  3. Isabelle Demers' recital at Leeds Town Hall yesterday was absolutely outstanding (Trio Sonata 6, Demessieux, Franck, Vierne 6 Final). And Rachel Laurin's Variations on Kingsfold were a treat that I didn't know before. You can see it again here:
  4. I wonder if it's not the same piece referred to here, as Volumina begins ffff, not with the blower crescendo (though it is meant to end with the blower turning off and gradual loss of wind). However I never had a score, but on my regular visits to Foyle's as a teenager I used to look at the score they had, so I may have remembered this incorrectly!
  5. Rather late, we've now announced the full series for Leeds Town Hall for 21-22. The first seven in the hall, then in the Cathedral while the work and organ rebuild takes place. You can see all the recitalists here; we start on September 13, live and online - https://www.leedstownhall.co.uk/concert-season/whats-on/?whatson-event-keyword-search=organ
  6. On IMSLP it says this is one of three pieces - has anyone managed to find the other two? Incidentally my own choice of luxuriant Adagio has to be Virgil Fox's arrangement of Komm Susser Tod but it's probably not a useful service piece, and ideally needs a change of registration on nearly every note...
  7. It was great - and the organ was well enough recorded to hear all the solo bits - in the past some of those have been completely inaudible on broadcast. Fantastic string playing in the Poulenc as well.
  8. I've always had a huge admiration for Nigel, an amazing musician, since he gave me some improvisation lessons as a student. That increased even more a few years ago when he was in the news for the principled stand he took as a magistrate. I'll look forward to watching this.
  9. I've seen the Bridlington one, but am none the wiser for that. As Nicholsons rebuilt it I daresay they know how it works so I will ask them - and tell you if I find out anything interesting.
  10. What's the 'one pipe' 32' Bombarde? Is it something like the polyphone at Bridlington Priory where one pipe plays a whole octave of notes?
  11. That is really interesting. It would definitely be worth a look, though it may be that if she was an improviser she wouldn't have needed the books. The attitude that doing this kind of thing was a bit embarrassing seems to have been common. I have heard (does anyone know if this is really true) that more than one Cathedral organist in the 1920s used to make extra cash by improvising in cinemas, but they always used an assumed name!
  12. I've played for this film many times but I'm not sure that what you're after exists. Few silent films without orchestral scores had written down piano/organ scores as they would usually be improvised. If improvising wasn't possible, there were 'stock books' published for cinema use of generic funny/romantic/scary music you could select (though I've never seen one). Or they would play selections from actual pieces of music - I've actually seen a performance on YouTube where someone accompanied Nosferatu with Reger op 127 (his longest piece) and various other massive Reger pieces - and it worked surprisingly well! Sorry that's not very helpful - I think what I'm saying is that rather than use your time chasing a possibly non-existent reduction, you might be better off putting something together from existing music (not necessarily Reger of course).
  13. Fantastic. Can't believe it's only had 30 views - I've put it on Twitter so maybe he'll get more of a following!
  14. Sorry for the technical problems yesterday - we are going to re-record all the presentations and contributions from Nicholsons and post them as a separate video this week.
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