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  1. Thank you for your replies! I am playing the Bonnet arrangement with pedals, my justification being that since this is an audition I should show my full capabilities. Thank you so much for all this information, I should want to be aware of the history behind what I am presenting. 

    I am auditioning for a spot at Memorial University of Newfoundland which since maybe the 90s has not had any organ program to speak of. The repertoire requirements are as follows:

    - A prelude and fugue composed before the year 1750 (I have chosen BWV 553).

    - Two contrasting selections of the student's own choice (I'm going to do 'Rhosymedre' by Vaughan Williams and the Wesley selections mentioned here).

    - Hymntune 'St. Anne'

    The university has a lovely Cassavant organ very similar to the one at St. Mary the Virgin in St. John's where I am DM. The pipes are marvellously maintained but the mobile console needs a real overhaul. I have been in to play on it several times now however and we now get along quite well together. They also have a tracker practice organ which I have not yet gotten my hands on.

    Up to this point, the bulk of my training has been theological and philosophical although I have worked (albeit as an amateur) as a church musician nearly all my life. I am moving backwards in my education a little here leaving a masters program where I am writing on the interaction of language, music, and meaning in sacred choral music and beginning an undergraduate in the music department. It is very exciting times! I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I think it will go alright. Thank you again for the welcome - I am grateful to receive any audition tips any of you may have to offer. 

  2. I am auditioning for music school Saturday coming and was planning to play Sam Wesley's 'Air' and 'Gavotte' as a single item on my programme. Would you say this is appropriate? Could I call it a prelude and variation?

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