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  1. My day job is in business software. In that, tracking use by feature is a key measure of success and relevance of the various functionality. I doubt it has been done before but it ought to be possible to design either electronic or sophisticated electrical action instruments to record usage by key, stop and pipe; perhaps by iteration and note sustain length. I think that could be fascinating data to digest.
  2. I had lessons on an organ where the pedal board ended at F from a teacher who had had a lot of pupils over the years which he took to diploma level. Nothing I played over-ran and he didn't remember ever missing it. What sort of players and repertoire will come to this organ? Top flight recitalists or best endeavour amateurs? I've also encountered slightly reduced manuals and I can only remember one instance of a player being caught short when I page turned (I think in some Jackson). Short compass mounted cornets were more likely to create melodic gaps to the uninformed. Unlikely I'd
  3. Seeing not many posts for a few days, here goes... The most entertaining organ recital I have ever attended was in Leeds Town Hall in 1991 or 1992. I select the word entertaining in the true sense; not the most moving nor the most profound but certainly the most entertainment. I was working in Leeds city centre at the time and I got into the habit of turning up when I could, sometimes without checking the programme. There was usually a visiting cathedral organist or RCO council member type on the bill. Anyway this week it was a theatre organist called Arnold Loxam (RIP). The place was unpre
  4. I used to know a chap who made a wage of hiring out Hammond organs for gigs. He complained that he had to replace a lot of keys due to excitable tribute acts based on that precedent. I am sure replacing a broken key isn't an easy job, but gets easier with repetition!
  5. I'm sure the situation was not unique when I was once one of a group of three volunteers and an organ builder sitting inside a big instrument overdue a rebuild in one of its final fundraising concerts, under instructions to watch things that might stop working. So that was four of us regardless of the console crew.
  6. I think there's something going on with a pencil in this - jump to 45 mins in for about 5 mins. Player is Claire Innes Hopkins, on Hradetzky 1973 IV / 40.
  7. I've no feel for this but how does the frequency of awarding of honours to cathedral musicians compare to honours to senior clergy, perhaps deans?
  8. The Maxwell Davies 'Farewell to Stomness' is paired with 'Yesnaby Ground' in the piano book. Both transfer to organ well and are unlikely to frighten a congregation. If you would consider music pre-dating Burns and you are inclined to open the Fitzwilliam book on occasion this book has a few good pieces in it: Early Scottish Keyboard Music. Transcribed and edited by K. Elliott. Stainer and Bell I'd commend Tom Wilkinson's performance of the same Cull transcription, played at Paisley Abbey, available as an apparent filler on a CD of folksongs. If you have Spotify, I think this link wi
  9. Not sure what others think but I've found JBIOS 44 an absolutely compelling read and I have found it hard to put down. For me this annual book justifies most of the annual BIOS fee.
  10. King’s Cambridge must be the richest of all our choral foundations. They must get significant recording royalties not to mention the TV fees or their belonging to one of inevitably the richest educational institutions in the world. If the point was to encourage donations to some fair balanced committee such as “Friends of Cathedral Music” I can see your point as very reasonable.
  11. Anything an employee gets given by employer for free is taxed as a benefit in kind in schedule D income tax. The usual mechanism is that the value of the benefit is decided and then taxed as if salary and recovered in PAYE by a reduction in personal allowance. There would also be a year end P11d form and a likely personal tax return. This area is most common with company cars or company funded health insurance but it is bound to apply to accommodation I fear. It strikes me that being a paid choir member (eg lay clerk or choral scholar) is potentially a lot more lucrative, by the hour, tha
  12. I seem to have acquired two copies of each of these. Both spares are aged though have intact spines and are in readable condition. Free to a good home. I might even pay the postage as I can’t face putting them in the bin.
  13. Two interesting videos I have come across. I found the Leighton spellbinding:
  14. I enquired to this one a few months back http://www.pipeorgansirl.com/kennethjones and the figure of 16,000 eur was floated but transport and reassembly would be on top. I stopped subscribing to Organists’ Review a long while ago when a letter to the editor which I’d written was edited to half length but in such way as to change its meaning and make it unpleasant! What are they advertising? My heart is set on something like a double decker Collins, though space and funds mean I need to wait another few years probably. In my younger days, when I’d more time and enthusiasm than no
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