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  1. I've no feel for this but how does the frequency of awarding of honours to cathedral musicians compare to honours to senior clergy, perhaps deans?
  2. The Maxwell Davies 'Farewell to Stomness' is paired with 'Yesnaby Ground' in the piano book. Both transfer to organ well and are unlikely to frighten a congregation. If you would consider music pre-dating Burns and you are inclined to open the Fitzwilliam book on occasion this book has a few good pieces in it: Early Scottish Keyboard Music. Transcribed and edited by K. Elliott. Stainer and Bell I'd commend Tom Wilkinson's performance of the same Cull transcription, played at Paisley Abbey, available as an apparent filler on a CD of folksongs. If you have Spotify, I think this link wi
  3. Not sure what others think but I've found JBIOS 44 an absolutely compelling read and I have found it hard to put down. For me this annual book justifies most of the annual BIOS fee.
  4. King’s Cambridge must be the richest of all our choral foundations. They must get significant recording royalties not to mention the TV fees or their belonging to one of inevitably the richest educational institutions in the world. If the point was to encourage donations to some fair balanced committee such as “Friends of Cathedral Music” I can see your point as very reasonable.
  5. Anything an employee gets given by employer for free is taxed as a benefit in kind in schedule D income tax. The usual mechanism is that the value of the benefit is decided and then taxed as if salary and recovered in PAYE by a reduction in personal allowance. There would also be a year end P11d form and a likely personal tax return. This area is most common with company cars or company funded health insurance but it is bound to apply to accommodation I fear. It strikes me that being a paid choir member (eg lay clerk or choral scholar) is potentially a lot more lucrative, by the hour, tha
  6. I seem to have acquired two copies of each of these. Both spares are aged though have intact spines and are in readable condition. Free to a good home. I might even pay the postage as I can’t face putting them in the bin.
  7. Two interesting videos I have come across. I found the Leighton spellbinding:
  8. I enquired to this one a few months back http://www.pipeorgansirl.com/kennethjones and the figure of 16,000 eur was floated but transport and reassembly would be on top. I stopped subscribing to Organists’ Review a long while ago when a letter to the editor which I’d written was edited to half length but in such way as to change its meaning and make it unpleasant! What are they advertising? My heart is set on something like a double decker Collins, though space and funds mean I need to wait another few years probably. In my younger days, when I’d more time and enthusiasm than no
  9. Volume 1 is in Lancashire library collection, according to a quick internet search. This was a very good collection when shelved in Preston until the 90s and I think still intact in boxes. Not sure how you’d get at it though. Contents listed as: Voluntary in F, Sarabande, Voluntary in D minor, Air, Prelude on "Rockingham", Postlude on "Nun danket Alle Gott". Try internet searches of a few counties and you’ll probably get there. I remember Leeds had a very good collection better than Preston. Cardiff’s was good too. Leeds and Preston were mainly pre 1960 books where I guess the sc
  10. An internet search returns the British Carillon Society saying there are 15 in UK http://www.britishcarillons.org/carillons-in-the-british-isles/ and Wikipedia gives 20 as follows of the 5 disrepancy, one is counted twice (Godalming / Parkgate). I've put the others in bold and followed the links for a couple and they look real. Perhaps the BCS one is out of date, some have become unusable or there's some definition criteria which makes them proper or improper. I guess they're not easily mislaid. There are 20 carillons in the United Kingdom. Aberdeen: Kirk of St Nicholas. 48 bel
  11. Can’t be any harm posting this here: Dear BIOS Member, We thought that you would like to be given early notice of this important new publication by our President, Dr Nicholas Thistlethwaite, and particularly of the special offer being made to early subscribers. ---o0o--- A new book by Nicholas Thistlethwaite marks the restoration of the Minster’s organ. The book documents the earliest reference to “a pair of organs” in 1236 and describes other
  12. Thanks Nic for sharing this, and having just listened to a few recordings of this that is one where the harmonium is most prominent to the recording balance as well as a great performance. The score is available at https://imslp.org/wiki/Bagatelles%2C_Op.47_(Dvo%C5%99%C3%A1k%2C_Anton%C3%ADn) and others. I note that the title page says harmonium or piano. I'd say that the writing isn't pianistic though, with sustained chords and swells within the chord. I supposed a pianist could arpeggiate but that's not written and it could easily end up sounding like a choir practice accompaniment. There's m
  13. Wow, thanks Tony for such an informative response and a link which in turn opens up lots of other links which give me plenty to digest. I’ll post back once I’ve read it all and see if my conclusions pass muster.
  14. I bet I'll stand corrected by people with better knowledge of the topic, but isn't there a rule that if your institution changes academic dress you should wear the dress that was current at the date of your graduation ceremony? I'm sure I remember this when the university of Wales split out (and my hood lost its shot silk and became cheaper but I needed to stay with the expensive one) and I think it applies to the CNAA qualifications too, though in those cases the institutions changed so this one is probably different.
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