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  1. If we are in Germany here’s the Rieger in Regensburg https://www.google.com/maps/place/St+Peter+Cathedral,+Domplatz+1,+93047+Regensburg,+Germany/@49.0156188,12.0984913,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x479fc1a5d4612f6f:0x868578d45332b41f
  2. It’s interesting to see the Merton organ in the context of the whole building which I’d not seen before. It’s very removed from the choir which must make life difficult for both organist and choir.
  3. Sorry to be pedantic but strangely Beverley Minster isn’t dedicated to St. John of Beverley despite the fact his tomb is there and was a site of pilgrimage, it is dedicated to St John the Evangelist and St Martin of Tours. As a chorister at the Minster we would travel to the small village of Harpham on the way to Bridlington every year on St John of Beverley’s feast day to sing evensong as that church in his birthplace was dedicated to him. I believe there is another church somewhere in Northumberland dedicated to him and I remember being told a story as a chorister about the St John in St Joh
  4. Thank you all for your excellent advice and apologies for leaving it so long to reply. Since I originally posted I've had a chance to listen to recordings of the service and it would certainly seem that, with the exception of one hymn, everything seemed pretty tight rhythmically as I do often think I have a string player/singers approach to following a conductor's beat (or it could be the conductor/singers/orchestra were following the organ!). I'm currently looking into options for getting more experience locally, we do suffer a bit up here in Scotland where we have a lot of very good instrume
  5. Sennheiser and Bose are always good options.
  6. Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying a school choir for a thanksgiving service in one of Scotland’s cathedrals with a very fine organ. While I have more years experience than I care to remember as a parish organist playing hymns and voluntaries plus accompanying/conducting my own church choirs this kind of accompanying, following a conductor on CCTV was new to me. I feel I did pretty well but got me thinking that I want to develop my skills here and wondered what advice forum members would give. What experience do people have following a conductor on CCTV? And how might I gain further
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