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  1. I recently stumbled upon this thread and thought I might throw in a comment, even if a little late in the day. Glottis (Greek) is used to refer to voice, and (as someone else pointed out) Chrysos is the term for gold, so Chrysoglott was concocted to imply 'golden voice'. The term spread amongst theatre organ builders; it provided a distinction to the celeste stops as well (one can imagine) as strengthening the all-important Hope-Jones mystique by using a term no-one had ever heard of before. Had H-J lived today, he would very likely have been a keen protagonist of the buzz-word generator 🙂 In the later 20s/early 30s, theatre organ chrysoglotts became equipped with rotating vanes to provide an often very effective vibraphone effect, switchable from the console. Wurlitzer chrysoglott bars were nickel plated steel; other builders also used bronze or aluminium. I forget exactly which they were, but I seem to recall that a very few Wurlitzers had separate vibraphones; none in the UK however. /J.
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