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  1. The console looks more like an oversized Hauptwerk set up to me. 🤔 I can't believe changing registration on the hoof is any fun - so would need everything pre-setting. I like the modern design of the organ cases though (in your attached link).
  2. Slightly off topic (but not much) - I stumbled across this. I think very newly formed. https://www.societyofwomenorganists.co.uk/about-us The members section highlights many big names in the organ world (although several missing too).
  3. Catastrophe. I can’t believe anything of the contents will survive from looking at the aerial pictures. So sad for such a great building. Our thoughts for the people of Paris.
  4. Another newbie! In almost exactly the same position. I've been having lessons for a couple of years - with the ambition of ARCO. Very late to start at the organ in late 40s, but did get ALCM on piano age 16. But ARCO seems a long way off at the moment! I hadn't initially appreciated how much more stringent the playing requirements are compared to the ABRSM exams perhaps. And the keyboard and aural tests appear so daunting. In 2 minds as to whether to do CRCO as stepping stone. The pieces seem much more straightforward, but the skills gained on the aural and keyboard skills might help (or at least that is my thinking!) I've found that many of the items on the iRCO website are helpful. I also agree the stepwise approach mentioned on Hymn transposition info sheet has been invaluable!
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