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  1. Thank you - the trick is to do it without seeing (hearing) the join! Actually, I reckon this one thumbed down note is more awkward than a whole line of them.
  2. Could some more accomplished player than I please explain how to play the last 4-5 bars on the Folk Tune, in particular the tenor F sharp on the Great whilst playing the remaining chords on the Swell? I believe Whitlock had double-jointed thumbs, which may have helped.
  3. Thank you so much. Expressionen, I believe, are more common in Germany, as an alternative to tuning slides. As for Bourdonpunkt, I think I understand what this means. The voicer tries to find the optimum position of a) the tuning spring on the reed itself and b) the length of the resonator, so the two are in sympathy (√úbereinstimmung). It explains why when voicing large reed pipes it helps to have two people - one to tap the tuning spring at the bottom, the other to adjust the tuning slot at the top, thereby achieving the desired optimum setting.. Now to put that into English - briefly!
  4. I visited in 2004 when only two of the instruments had been restored. The YouTube clip of Handel Fireworks is amazing. However, the players cheated a little in using CCTV. If you look closely at the building you'll see that there are little circular 'pulpits' at the junction of the nave and transepts where the conductor(s) would have stood. Apart from the 6 organs there are 20-odd galleries at the east end for singers and instrumentalists. Even the access stairs are all constructed in fabulous white marble. Breathtaking opulence is the only way to describe the building.
  5. Could some kind bi-lingual organ builder advise on the English equivalent of a) Expressionen with reference to flue pipes and b) Bourdonpunkt with reference to the voicing of reed pipes? Many thanks!
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