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  1. Thanks for this. It is quite an interesting specification. Interesting that the manuals descend an octave below the pedals and there are suboctave tirasses to pull down the bottom octave of the manuals. The "prolongements" are interesting as well. A sort of sustain perhaps? I'm sorry you haven't been doing well lately. I hope things improve soon. Michael
  2. In my dictionary, at least, the primary definition of unique is "being the only one". Using that definition, something couldn't be "rather unique." However, a secondary definition of unique is "unusual." Using that definition, it seems quite reasonable to say "rather unique."
  3. In a word, yes. In a few more words, I tend to find the music of Bach, etc., needs the sustained tones of the organ in order for the moving lines to be properly heard against one another. Some seem quite enamoured of Bach on the piano though, as evidenced by the Royal Canadian College of Organists 2013 national convention which concluded with a "Gala Piano Recital" of Angela Hewitt playing The Art of Fugue on the piano, which they made certain everyone knew was a FAZIOLI ! Public Concerts
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