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  1. Thanks very much, James ... that is very helpful. Roger
  2. Many thanks to both Rowland and Vox Humana for their comments. À propos the composition of the Les Cloches ... is it possible that Vierne would have remembered the chime in 1927, however irritating it was in 1925? À propos possible mentions of this recital at St Michael's, I have checked local journals to no success so far. I'll look into Musical Opinion, and the like shortly ... thanks for those thoughts. I am really intrigued by the Magle.dk organ forum ... does anyone use it now, or has in the past? I have tried to get into it, but with no success. The quote in my original po
  3. I'm wondering whether anyone here can help me solve a little mystery. For 12 years (1973–85) I worked at St Michael's College, Tenbury Wells. Researching for a history of the College and the organ I came across a reference to the fact that, in May 1925, Louis Vierne visited and played a recital. I have so far been unable to uncover any details of this visit. Quite by chance, the other day, I stumbled upon a website [philosopherswheel.com/Vierne] which revealed that Vierne, after playing at Hinckley on 5th May 1925, wrote Les Cloches de Hinckley on the train to Tenbury. This information came ap
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