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  1. Further to the post by ATG - my just new fifth set of hearing aids in fifteen years are an entry level set from Phonak which are sold here under the Costco (Kirkland 09) label. There are no controls other than volume levels. The only style that works for me is where the mics. are behind the ear, which provide maximum gain without feedback. After having the 'surround sound' feature turned off, they are surprisingly the best instruments so far. I've used more expensive stuff from several different manufacturers with bells and whistles which I did not appreciate or use. . No device can ever replace the gift of natural hearing, so do not expect the tiny loudspeakers to produce real 'bass' . Just enjoy being able to converse intelligently with others again, hear the birds sing and listen to TV without annoying neighbours. There is an interesting earlier post from Cornet 1V regarding the use of an equalizer to distort musical sound from a loudspeaker to suit personal preference that seems worth trying before spending a small fortune on extra programming curves. As posted before - taking charge of your audiologist is the first step to satisfaction. Find one who is motivated by more than hype and profit. Willingness and competence to adjust the frequency curve to your need is of paramount importance. Stay Safe.
  2. As we hide ourselves away from Corona virus, Youtube is a useful learning resource to help pass the time. The well crafted clips that Jonathan Scott posts there promoting interest in organs are indeed well worth watching. Another gifted player to watch there is Richard Elliot, using the newer Salt Lake City LDS organ in the conference centre. (not the Temple). His version of ‘Good King Wenceslas’ is amazingly masterful. Stay Healthy MD
  3. Profound thanks to Colin for starting this thread and his insight to the whole hearing loss issue for musicians. Everything here confirms my own experiences with hearing aids. It’s soon time for my fifth set. A retired organ builder, treble deaf from years of tuning loud reeds with no ear protection, I still do some key holding for a younger tuner who assures me that the top octave of the great fifteenth is actually playing. Priority consideration for new devices will be based upon what is best for conversation. If a music program is also offered, amplitude in the speech range will be reduced and the near useless algorithms that introduce surround sound and tremulant turned off. As usual, finding an experienced audiologist who can fine tune the aids will be the most challenging part of the decision making process. Properly adjusted, I expect to enjoy music again, and organs with screechy upper work may actually sound better.
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