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  1. How has this organ fared ? Was the revoicing a noticeable improvement ?
  2. Almost three years on, it is strange that there is no further news.
  3. In replying to an ex HNB man, I wouldn't wish to cause offence. I have known the Cathedral for many years, even before the organ was rebuilt in 1970. It used to be a delight to pop in, before the 'visitor attendants' became so conspicuous. It is simply that I have never left the Cathedral wishing to 'phone a friend to enthuse about what I had just heard. The organ has much which is good, particularly in the Swell and Choir. There is an interesting variety of stops in the Pedal, which has a good impact in the Nave. The chorus reeds are lovely - a good variety without anything being ou
  4. Were not medieval earthenware vessels found under the choir stalls at St Albans Cathedral ?
  5. Has this rebuild now been completed ? How does it sound? I look forward to hearing the new Great ; the previous was uninspiring.
  6. Has there been any more news. I hope the rebuilt organ will sound a bit more interesting.
  7. Having heard a very well regarded international recitalist put this instrument through it's paces, I'm afraid I was far from impressed. The quieter stops are quite ordinary and the main choruses are simply too loud for the music to be heard. We retreated to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel to listen.
  8. Please could someone with a copy of Nicholas M. Plumley's Organs of the City of London: From the Restoration to the Present look up p.145 re. St. Augustine with St. Faith, Watling Street, and p. 45 re. St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, Queen Victoria Street and confirm that he states both organs were destroyed by an incendiary attack during WW2, on 10th May 1941. Does he record other organs being destroyed on this night ? Thank you.
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