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  1. Having only joined the forum yesterday, I have just become aware of the John Compton cd pdf - is there any other way of buying this other than via ebay, please? I would very much like to obtain a copy being a Compton devotee. Thank you Nigel Ogden
  2. Whilst browsing - as you do - I came across a 2008 (!) post from Barry Oakley who said he'd found on the web a track of the Free Trade Hall, Manchester Compton Electrone played cinema-style with 'ever present tremulant'. I would be fascinated to know where this recording may be found and, indeed, whether it is possibly me playing it! I did play this fascinating instrument on various occasions in the late 1960's / early '70's, mainly for school speech days but on one or two other occasions as well. For nostalgic reasons, I would love to have a recording of anyone playing this organ but, apart from it being vaguely heard on one or two recordings of the Halle Orchestra under Sir John Barbirolli, I've never come across any. Can anyone help, please? By the way, I didn't use the tremulants when playing hymns and voluntaries! Nigel Ogden
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