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    Jobbing organist often found on organ benches in the Thanet and Shepway areas. Works in the cross channel industry.
  1. Point taken about Chichester and Rochester. The 1978 Mander Organ at Canterbury was not seen in a good light so not so well regarded in that sense. I understand it was a victim of the fashions at the time where most of the Father Willis work was scrapped. Someone I know who worked for old Manders said that the majority of the equipment was sold at Auction and the largest amount was collected by Harrisons who have taken it to Durham. They've just put a brand new organ in Canterbury Cathedral which I hear is superb. I understand other Organ Builders bought a much smaller proportion of some
  2. I understand they have 12 staff so I think 25% are ex-mander.
  3. I don't think it's discourteous at all. I'm pleased for FHB but don't think it's unreasonable to note that a small regional organ builder is not necessarily the real original Mander with their specialities, equipment, noted pipework makers and voicers simply by the virtue recycling the trading name. I hope they go well but the change of name has not gone down that well with many of their existing customers who have stuck with their 'local' long established firm for years. The name Mander doesn't have the reverance or the reputation down in Kent and Sussex that it has elsewhere because it'
  4. It will be an interesting change and good luck to them. Generally fellow Organists in East Kent are very surprised that FHB are so readily abandoning the well established and known Browne name for a company thats just gone bust. The styles of the two firms, as I understand are also very different adding to the mystery. The real Mander were known for pretty high end tracker organs, doing big jobs internationally and were one of the big boys with their own pipe making and excellent tonal work whereas the new 'Mander' (FHB) seem to almost never make new organs and generally appear to do
  5. I wonder who is taking over the tuning since Manders went bust.
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