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  1. Thanks for that S_L. My biggest puzzle is the origins of item 5 ‘French Carol’. The thing that I would like to know is where did Hurford get the theme? What is the theme? Is it something he got from his time in France with Andre Marchal without knowing it had English origins? Also, would he have composed at his desk or improvised and then written the piece out in full and in correct form? So has he improvised in error an existing English carol from a forgotten memory or extemporised knowingly and expanded upon the same? A bit of work with the Carols for Choirs I
  2. Having just inherited a box of redundant music from a retired organist which included Peter Hurford’s ‘Laudate Dominum’, I was struck how useful these pieces might be if imaginatively used for organ interludes in our next Nativity play. The trouble is I am unfamiliar with this suite of six modern miniatures (based on Psalm verses). Is there anyone out there in the cyber-chancel who knew Hurford well enough to tell me how he went about composing his organ music / came up with this suite? Perhaps Wolsey, S_L or Ian van Deurne might know... GC
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