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  1. I hope other forum members do not mind me raising this matter again, as I am likely to be getting hearing aids within the next month or two and would like some opinions on a couple of matters. The type I will probably get are by Phonak (Paradise model) and apparently have bluetooth capability, both for receiving sounds from a suitable MP3 player or smartphone, and for tweaking the settings via an app. Have any other members used Phonak aids in this way? If so, may I ask your experience with them, and also what their bass response is like? I thank you in advance for any comments.
  2. As I've stated in another thread, Frank Bradbeer used to tell me many stories about the days of GDB, and why Maurice Grant followed the path he did. I avidly consumed all this information, and I still prefer the tingle and fizz of an organ from that era. One of Maurice's justifications for low wind pressures was that, although air is a compressible gas, at low pressures it acts more like a liquid. Therefore the movement of air through the pallet hole, through the (open) toe of the pipe to the flue would be almost instantaneous, or at least much faster than high pressure wind having to wor
  3. I thought it would be good to liven up the forum with a tale of self administered misery. In the early '90s I was good friends with Frank Bradbeer and received much of my early organ tuition from him, in return for a session in the local hostelry. During our long chats he would regale me with many stories of his time with Grant, Degens and Bradbeer and on the theory and practice of neo classical instruments with which that firm were mainly involved. Frank was organist at St Mary's, Essendon, and a couple of weeks before Christmas one of the notes on the Cornopean stop went off speech
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