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  1. Did the OP manage to get a copy? Douglas Steele taught me at Chet's (some classroom music). He was delightful in a "Private Godfrey" sort of way. I remember him making an arrangement of "A fox went out" for our junior choir. As I recall, at one time, he had been Beecham's assistant and his reminiscences contributed to the play "Beecham". He was also, I think, great friends with Humphrey Procter-Gregg. In 1986 I was introduced to Arioso by its dedicatee, Gordon Thorne, and purchased my copy of Douglas' organ music shortly after. The edition was one of a series made by Forsyths in Manchester (I think of composers associated with that city).
  2. I think you might be referring to the Wurlitzer in the Hulme Playhouse, which the BBC used as a studio for some time. I can remember sitting at the console in the mid 1970s whilst recording a broadcast with my school. The organ is long gone, but parts of it can still be heard as they were incorporated into the Worthing Assembly Hall Wurlitzer which I have heard on several occasions.
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