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  1. Interesting about Mr Allen being the organist at St Mary Redcliffe. His daughter Emma taught piano for many years and played in concerts in the Bristol area. Regarding your comment about your great gran, No.21 Longfield Road was within a mile of central Bristol. My father and his cousin were visiting in WW2 and both being electrical engineers volunteered to install electricity as they were concerned about a bomb hitting the house. My great aunt and her father refused. The house survived the bombing but the next 3 houses were flattened!! I had to go to my great aunt's in the 1950s at half-term and, yes, the gas lighting was downstairs and you took a candle to bed. I could understand this in the wilds of Cornwall but not in the centre of Bristol. I have some information about Alfred KIRKLAND that I started to glean from my 3rd cousin, yesterday. She is going to get more information for me. Where do I put this?
  2. Thank you so much. It is lovely to get the exact location where Robert lived and where Emma was born. Emma died at 21 Longfield Road, St Andrews Park, Bristol. It was inherited through the Will of Emma's husband to their maiden daughter, Winifred. She lived in it with no electricity until she died in 1969. In the hallway was a huge wooden angel which she said had been made by her grandfather (Robert Allen) and that it was one or two, the second was in St Mary Redcliffe. Many years ago I wrote to St Mary Redcliffe to see if Robert had done any work on their organ. I know that at least 2 of his children were baptised there. Any information on St Mary Redcliffe would be much appreciated.
  3. Thank you so much for that information. I was convinced it must be an error as it was Robert ALLEN who was operating at that time and was living in Bristol which is very close to Pilning where one organ was purported to be William ALLENs
  4. I wonder if Folkstone Place was a hospital? I've often found hospitals don't actually state that they are hospitals on Birth Certificates. Yes, I notice that Folkstone Place was mentioned in Richard Baigent's painting of the Cathedral. I have scoured all the newspapers looking for a William ALLEN in Bristol and there is no mention of him but plenty of references to my Robert. I'm beginning to think that those references to William ALLEN Organ Builder of Bristol is an error and must be Robert.
  5. Yes, Emma was born on 05 Jun 1854 at Folkstone Place, Winchester, Hampshire. I have the Birth Certificate. Her mother, Sarah, probably returned home to the rest of the family on 16 Jul 1854 for her baptism at All Saints, Islington.. Following the births of their next 2 sons, they had moved to Bristol by the birth of Edwin John ALLEN at 3 Kings Square Avenue on 23 Sep 1860 and he sadly died 18 Jan 1861. I would be interested to know who the William ALLEN was who had an Organ Building Company in Bristol in 1860. I can find no William and wonder if this was actually Robert but using the name of William as William (his uncle) was obviously well known in the Organ Building circles?
  6. I am wondering if Guillimus and Carolinus were actually RC. Or were they using the Latin equivalent of their names so they might get more business from the Catholic churches?
  7. Thank you Dave. Charles was married to a lady called Sarah but they had no children so end of that line. I have seen them on the 1841, 51 and 61 censuses. Charles was also mentioned in various trade directories.
  8. I have just found this site and as a descendant of Robert ALLEN organ builder, I have a few comments to add and some corrections. Robert was apprenticed to Father Henry Willis who sent him to Winchester to overlook the installation of their new organ. As a result, my great grandmother was born there. He then returned to London until 1859 (as you said). He then purchased the company in Bristol from John Smith who was a Moravian. Robert had a total of 9 children, not 7. As for William. he was NOT the brother of Robert ALLEN Sr and he was NOT a shoe maker. He actually died in 1833. His Will and Probate was published 11 Nov 1833 and he leaves money to his son John and his son Charles Arthur ALLEN was one of his executors. This William was the Church Organ builder which was mentioned in his Will and he was baptised 09 Apr 1783 at St Marys, Walton on Thames the 6th of 9 children. Going back to Robert 2 of his children were born in London and 6 in Bristol as well as Emma Elizabeth who as you say, was born in Winchester. 3 of Robert's sons were also Organ builders but all 3 died young Robert Franckling ALLEN age 51, Walter age 42 and Christopher John age 32. "Willis was completing one of his first important organs at Winchester Cathedral in 1854: it had been built for the Great Exhibition in 1851, but very much remodelled for Winchester, so it would have been a big job: Willis's men were evidently there for almost the whole of 1854. Installation began in January, but when it was first heard in June the press observed that quite a lot was still silent: the official opening recital was not until November." I have birth, marriage and death certificates as well as Wills.
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