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  1. Well it looks like this forum is dead, guess I'll move on.
  2. This is the organ in the Cathedral in Brazil; Demo of the organ and inside, small scale pipes but it has a lot of power to fill this building; Played with a solo voice, the last chords with full organ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp7kvgMKcCY
  3. Thanks for the add! Last year I started following an organist on youtube (Frantisek Beer) who plays various organs in Slovakia, and a kid age 11 who lives in Gyomore Hungary who jumped in and took over the organ playing for services when their organist was deposed and they had no one else! I've been trying to find out about the organs with little success, what I have found is; Parish Church of St. Bartholomew (Myslava) one-manual with pedals and a mechanical action of 10 registers, Rieger Testverek, Budapest, Opus 846. KoŇ°ice, Dominican Church 2 m Riege
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