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  1. Hello everyone, I know this thread hasn't been active in quite some time, but I thought would make some clarifications for interest. I am currently the secretary for the British Carillon Society: we (and indeed the World Carillon Federation) have a particular definition of what a carillon is: 23 or more bells [unless a historic instrument] connected to a baton clavier with the assumption that it allows for some degree of dynamic/sensitive playing, and often includes a pedal board as well. So, some of the instruments mentioned here (e.g. Manchester) would not meet this definition, although they could certainly be adapted to do so (if anyone knows the right people!). We would welcome all and any interest to learn more about carillons, and can help to point you toward contact(s) within your local area so that you might be able to have a go. Our website (britishcarillons.org) is the best place to start. As per the number of mobile carillons, I would guess around 10 (off the top of my head): the WCF does have a list here, but I note that one appears twice and I believe Cast in Bronze #1 was stolen.. http://www.carillon.org/eng/fs_reizende.htm This list also doesn't include 'semi-portable carillons' (ones that can be moved, but aren't frequently doing so at the moment), including the small instrument of the Royal School in Mechelen and the Crawford Memorial Carillon in Venice Beach, FL. Scott
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