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  1. When I had my first chuch post, back in 1967, fees were 2 guineas for funerals and 3 guineas for weddings. Put it in context by noting that when I went to college a couple of years later, my rent for my student bedsit was three pounds a week. Since rent or a student bedsit is now well over 100 a week, it seems to me that there's been no real inflation in our charges other than the general inflation which is all around us, and is far greater than the government would have us believe..... Anyway, if the couple want an organist, let them pay. They can learn Widor's Toccata for themselves i
  2. Am I alone in finding that playing without shoes is more comfortable? Stout socks, of course, to avoid any splinters in the soles, but I find that neary-bare feet allow me very good feel on the pedalboard, and socks allow your foor to slide very easily along a pedal when required. I reckon myself to have a good pedal technique in spite of this heresey.....I play the Bach D major and A minor for example, and several of the trio-sonatas.......but I have to admit that it wouldn't look good on a big screen as in some recent recitals (not least because of the cloven hooves... ).
  3. scholars of Elgar and of Hope-Jones and the W****** organ may well find this piece of original research of interest............... link to the Enigma
  4. Surely the point of all this pipe vs toast argument is that it is not comparing like with like at all....? Leaving aside the action points for the moment, any reasonably competent organ builder is going to spend a great deal of time firstly designiong a coherent spec, and then voicing and finishing the organ in situ to suit the building. This represents an enormous amount of time and skill, and rarely, if ever, is matched by electronic organ builders. The giveaway in the description of the Viscount is that it is voiced using samples from a variety of north German organs.....a pick and mi
  5. this one.... http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N10984 has a full dulciana chorus from 16' to mixture, including a twelfth......Prof Tracy was organist here before he went to Liverpool Cathedral. Nice Compton rebuild of a Rushworth and Dreaper, but being a Compton rebuild, I wouldn't be surprised if it were an extended rank. Still a very nice sound, sort of an echo great, but a bit feeble for a second chorus in Bach.
  6. just one little tip.....make sure you get brass ones, they are also available in plated steel, but steel screwed into oak sets up a reaction with the tannins in the wood, which will seize up the screw and eventually cause breakage again.
  7. One gets a little tired of all these tedious Luddites making snide remarks about "toasters". I've just had a lovely afternoon polishing up my Bach trios on my 3 manual GEM digital, and without a) freezing to death or being badgered by christians! If you don't like electronics, then don't play them; most of us can't afford a house organ, nor would we have the room, and to be able to play at home when one wishes is very convenient, especially if we don't have the time or the patience to put up with a church job. I can recommend two repairers, http://www.classicorgans.co.uk/ is Ron
  8. Do I recall hearing once a version of the Prelude and Fugue in C Minor by Vaughan Williams for organ and orchestra? Seem to remember it was a pretty impressive sound, especially in all those crashing passages in the prelude...... Worked better, I think, than the solo organ version, which is a pig to play and even harder to bring off convincingly.
  9. Over the years, I've tried all sorts of footwear (barring stilettos) and I still find nothing more comfortable than bare feet with a thickish pair of socks. I don't find the lack of a heel a problem at all, I can feel where I am much better, and sliding along the keys is much easier. I think it's a lot to do with how arched your feet are? Certainly, I feel it's much more comfortable and accurate, after all, how many of us play with gloves on? And as for any comments from incumbents, I've always dealt with that by telling them that if they don't like it, they can play themselves....I don't
  10. Back in the seventies, when I used to work for the Bechstein agents as a piano tuner, a story went the rounds that at the Royal Festival Hall, where they often had a piano on hire for lunchtime music in the foyer area, a couple of men came in, dismantled a Steinway concert grand, strapped it to a shoe and wheeled it out. This was a commonplace happening there, since the pianos were hired. No-one thought to question the men, since they seemed to know what they were doing. The piano was never seen again...... Possibly apocryphal, but a nice story......so long as it wasn't your Steinway......
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