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  1. Dear ptintal, I was sorry to read your story this morning. I have checked with the verger and staff on the door, and it seems that the recital began at about 20.20, and the verger closed the door at 20.30. Since visitors enter under the organ, this is always the case to avoid disturbing the listeners. If you are still in the city, and you make yourself known at the desk at 15.55, I can offer you a private showing this afternoon, when the church closes. Maybe that will make up for your disapointment at missing Andrew Dewar's splendid recital. Best wishes, Michael Hedley Titulair Or
  2. Yes, that was one of my points. We can't, and shouldn't, rely on the "organ public" any more. They are notoriously fickle in their taste (you know the sort: Bach is rubbish, and Reger is worse, give me Lefébure-Wely any day). But, just how we attract the mainstream musical public and other new listeners to the organ is a recurring topic. And, before I jet off to warmer climes for a few weeks, does the ever increasing number of CDs DVDs and YouTube videos maintain an interested audience, or does it stop them coming to experience the live thing? Best wishes, Michael Hedley If you are
  3. Pressed enter too soon.... Hello, It must be said that tourists don't easily find that church, organ lovers aren't very keen on the instrument, and the series is not well advertised. In my own church opposite the Central Station, we averaged five times that number in this year's Summer series. Still not great, I know, but consider the organ overkill going on, not bad. With the Haarlem Festival (whose closing concert by Latry was attended by the whole Summer Academy), Amsterdam itself, and several major organs within a half hour train ride, it's not so easy to get the numbe
  4. Maybe you will permit me to clarify a few things about the organs in the Oude Kerk and in Haarlem St. Bavo which have appeared in other threads. A lot of romantic ideas have grown up about some of these famous organs in the Netherlands. So here are a few comments about recent postings. AMSTERDAM OUDE KERK Someone wrote about the main organ: However, the organ (which I adore) has quite a dark and heavy sound - it certainly encourages a broad and grand approach to music, with real commitment to every note and musical detail. I also love the heavy, deeeep touch of this organ - not
  5. Hello Pierre, This is David's Ph.D. thesis at the Free University of Amsterdam. Here is the link for the indexes and preface: http://dare.ubvu.vu.nl/bitstream/1871/1108...dams_diss_i.pdf It is indeed an interesting read. Michael Hedley Amsterdam
  6. Easy! I've been a lurker for some time, and you mentioned it yourself. Michael
  7. Dear Dave, We can certainly organize your number two if you mail me! Michael
  8. Hello all, My name is Michael Hedley. I was born in Northumberland, and as a schoolboy was organ scholar at Newcastle Cathedral. (They still had a choir school and daily Evensongs in those days). I then studied with Nicholas Danby at the Guildhall, and after a few years in London came to Holland for postgraduate studies with Bernard Bartelink, and have been here ever since. It's a priviledge to live in a country with so many historic instruments, and i've been lucky in being invited to give concerts on many wonderful instruments. Until 1999 I was organist of a beautiful 18th. C. instrum
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